Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Post by B.K »

Good evening,

I just wanted to inform all of you that my time as a member here in nD is over. I do not feel for it anymore, I just lost motivation among with interest. Lately I've been so stressed up, because of work, school, friends & interests. I just started in 2.G, (2nd year in high school) and it will be a lot harder than last year. I do not have the time playing CS, when I have to focus on my future aswell as my hobbies. I want to take my education to a higher level, since I've been slacking too much the last couple of years, and this its about time I take it to a higher level.

The first time I played at nD Jailbreak, I was hooked. The mode was new to me, since i hadn't played it too much. I spent most of my time playing hns & ffa. So I started playing regularly and met a bunch of new people, both kids & older people. One of the guys that I thought at that time was one of the coolest in nD had to be 25142 :lol: . He was always commanding, make the game fun & playable and then suddenly he was banned, lulz. I learned most of the basic stuff from him & by watching others which came in handy later. Well then later on, I wanted to take JB to a higher level. I started acting like a regular, helped out people etc. I decided I wanted to apply, just give it a shot because I wouldnt loose anything if I was declined. Yet I was accepted, and it was a good feeling. JB was still the same at the time for me, the players, the game & the system. Then slowly as time passed by, JB became more of a "working ground" than as a "play ground". I started seeing it more as a duty to play JB not to be kicked out of the team than enjoying playing it. Doesnt matter when I joined, I just suddenly lost interest because of everything going on in the server, kids screaming, flaming, trolling etc.

In the end I just got enough, and therefor I'm writing this. I wont leave nD completely, I will stop by few times a week/month to catch up, and still hang around in the server & the forums. I've done my "work" here, even though I havent done that much, other than causing troubles & making people whine :trollface:
Anyhu, I just want to thank Lien for being so supportive, right from the beginning, aswell as all the other people in the server/forums for making this enjoyable & giving some fun memories.

Anyways, I just want to wish nD goodluck in the future, even though I know that this community will survive for a long time with such cool regulars & members/admins :mrgreen:
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Re: cu

Post by spaxor »

never liked you anyways, your just cocky and not helping out out. bai
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Re: cu

Post by Emziek »

We didnt rly get along well at first and now you're leaving just as i started to like you.
Oh well bai.
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Re: cu

Post by Toon »

Awwwww well hope u can find time to come back.
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Re: cu

Post by Maki »

spaxor wrote:never liked you anyways, your just cocky and not helping out out. bai
Nice being a jerk on a leaving thread. Oh well, some people just don't know how to act / want to look badass.

See you B.K, I don't know you that well but overall you seemed like a nice guy & all, feel free to come on TS whenever you want to.
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Thierry Henry
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Re: cu

Post by Thierry Henry »

Hope to see you around @ Steam for a talk :)
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Re: cu

Post by Lien~ »

Omfg :O This is a joke right? I've always, always had my trust in you (that I've told you when you applied). Thanks for mentioning my name but I would rather see you stay instead of leave :( You do know now I'm going to stalk you until you come back :D Take care, and make sure you achieve that what is important in life! I'm sure you can make it!
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Re: cu

Post by Karn »

As we always say in leaving threads, Real life is the most important thing , you've been a nice guy to me , and yeah what else to say .. hope you will pass by from time to time
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Re: cu

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

See ya hf & gl
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Re: cu

Post by Shadi »

Have said what I wanted to say in the member section version; but I'll just be formal and tell you bye both places ;)
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Re: cu

Post by mange2 »

Karn wrote:As we always say in leaving threads, Real life is the most important thing , you've been a nice guy to me , and yeah what else to say .. hope you will pass by from time to time
Well said, cya B.K.
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Re: cu

Post by Starzy »

lol @ spaxor

Anywho, good bye and see you soon B.K. I wish you all the best with your studies, good luck!

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Re: cu

Post by NoizeBeat »

Cya B.K Gl in real life
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Re: cu

Post by Xaturi »

It was great having you around. Good luck in school :)
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Re: cu

Post by Black Leader »

You know you still owe me 10k right?

Anyways to bad you're leaving, we shared the same feelings bro (nohomo)
Goodluck irl!
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