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About us

We are an UK based Gaming Community which started out in 2005. We run multiple successful community servers for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive. Our main focus lies on Mods, which customize the standard Gameplay into what feels like a whole new Game. Be it trying to escape from Zombies, avoiding traps, or cleverly controlling prisoners who are out to kill you. The great variety ensures we will have something to offer for everyone and you will never get bored.

The advantages of community servers over official servers lie not only in the more diverse gameplay of Mods. The servers are also better moderated. Hackers and other rule breakers who ruin the fun can be immediately dealt with, if there is a Team Member online. But the most important aspect is, as the name suggests, the community. You will meet many different players, play with (or against) them a lot of times. Get to know the regulars and maybe even make new friends.

Besides in-game, our main community interaction happens on the forums. There we share news, discuss ideas, changes, and talk a lot about all kinds of stuff. So go ahead and join us. We're looking forward to welcome you.


Have you been banned and are looking for an unban? If you were breaking rules, you will have to wait until your ban is over. If you have been permanently banned, e. g. for cheating or repeatedly breaking the rules, you will have to wait at least six months before we will even consider unbanning you. No exceptions.

If you feel like you have been banned unfairly, or waited out your ban long enough, you can make an unban request in our forums. An explanation on how to make a proper unban request is given in this post.

CT acces on the CS 1.6 Jailbrak Server

To prevent freekilling, and other rule-breaking, on our Jailbreak server Players are not allowed to join the CT Team by default. First you need to pass a test in which your rule-knowledge and your english skills are tested. If you do wish to play as CT, continue here.

Become VIP

By supporting our servers you will gain access to some exclusive in-game features such as special skins, respawning, free weapons, glowing, and more. While VIP will be active on all of our servers, not all servers offer all powers.

You can buy VIP through PayPal starting at 7.49 € for a month. More details are lined out in this forums post. If you are unsure whether you'll like it and it will be worth the investment, there is a free VIP trial. Try out a few days of VIP by following this guide. You can also get free VIP for a month by finishing all achievements on those servers that offer it.

Report someone

Do you have witnessed someone breaking the rules? Do you think someone should be banned? You do need proof to report someone. Make sure to take a screenshot or record a demo. You also need an account for our forums to make a report. If you have one, fill out this form and include all necessary details and files.

Join the Team

We are always looking for new additions to our team. People who can help out not only by enforcing the rules, banning cheaters and other players who are ruining the fun in-game. But also bring a positive influence to the servers, are respected and make the game more enjoyable.

As such, our standards for hiring new Members are quite high. But don't let that deter you. If you want to join, it's best to be known first. Get to know how everything works. Register on our forums and interact with the community. Be active and helpful in-game. Learn the rules and report rule breakers. If you think you are ready, go make an application in our recruitment section on the forums.