Drunky - Unban request

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Drunky - Unban request

Post by Drunky »

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:148881301
- Nick INGAME: Drunky
- Admin/Member: Zapt0r
- Reason of ban: Aim
- Which server you were banned in: Aim map
- Date and time of the ban: 30th september 2016.
- Motivation for an unban: Hi, me again. I'm making it a tradition to come once a year and apply for unban just to get declined. You know the story, I was shaking my hands on purpose, admin thought it was an aimbot, and I don't blame him, it was very convincing, however I did not actually cheat despite what you think. I just wanted to mess around.
Even tho i quit 1.6, i still like to come back and play for a bit for good times sake.
I got banned on september 30th, 2016. It's been a while, thought I'd ask for unban.
I kinda miss roadrage, would like to try it out again after so long :D
you can check my previous unban requests and find the demos and everything else there.
Also, you can say whatever, but I really was not cheating.
and if you still say how it's so obvious or whatever that i was cheating, I wont even bother replying. cheers!
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Re: Drunky - Unban request

Post by Lagger »

I don't wanna try to sound mean but you guys focus on banning innocent people and keep the banevaders fucking around the servers... xd
I know this guy for too long already, he's always been loyal to the game and despite his 'disrespectful' comments from previous unban requests, it's ok because anyone who would be pissed and would act like that when you are judged wrongly. Plus a guy with such a Steam profile would have cheating as the last thing on his mind. Kinda wrong to judge someone who was accused of cheating based on his attitude xd

GL S.B. ♥
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Re: Drunky - Unban request

Post by zapt0r »

I remember I banned you back in 2016, and I was in doubt after I watched the demo a few times. However, after consulting with other members/admins we concluded it was aimbot at that time.

I've reviewed the demo carefully (again) this time and I want to publically apologise for the way you have been treated during this process. It is evident that you were just shaking your aim around, hence no cheating.

You are unbanned now. Hopefully, you can give us another chance. Enjoy your time on our servers :)

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