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Re: ZMR suggestion

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.High rate of fire no knockback pretty strong keeps slowing you down
.its a little bit stronger than the other classes especially if youre good at this server, it makes the other classes irrelevant
.sometimes cant rtv, game wont restart when the round ends, sometimes nomations dont work, sometimes when you nominate a map it
instantly starts a mapvote with only the map you nominated
.i dont know how they can work either, i dont know if you can make your ammo limited only in mods so they can work
.when the server is crowded (28/32) it is a problem too spammable like the zm bomb was (not high priority)
.my bad didnt phrase it right, what i mean is that they should make it that way (no long jump after getting shot)
.i want my sonic back from zombie plague :D
.i dont really care just a thought so people will start playing and boost the server a bit so it can attract non steamers
.i know why they got removed i reported it lmao its just that the gameplay is a little bit 1dimensional
.rtd is fun unless you fall
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