Make A Wish! What Is Your Dream Come True?

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did your dream or wish come true?

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Make A Wish! What Is Your Dream Come True?

Post by Gold Stellar »

hey! i have a nice idea: literally sharing ours dreams and wishes.

maybe someone can help us achieve them too.

make sure you make your wish clear, or quote another person's wish if you want to comment on it, or have the same wish!

a lot of us live in harsh times, with the world constantly testing us, hurting us, as we just try to live, or try to be happy. i know it can hurt sometimes, i know we are powerless to stand against rules we never made. we can make temporary escapes, but never fully leave the troubles we face behind.

My wish: for those that need others to have them. for people to meet that knight, who will slay their worries, and fight with them, fight for them, or just make them feel better.

i am a shooting star, and a knight: cast your wish to me, tell me your greatest desires. and my friends that twinkle with me, we will share our power with you.

just as there are infinite stars, there is endless dreams. lets share some, give some time to others, lets just be there for one another. if the world treats you bad, so what, there is no rule that says that is the only way to find happiness. we cant know joy without sadness, and there will be harsh times. just persevere. stay in the game. cause this game has rules to be played, and you're a player in it.

so set that high score. aim for the top....

i will see you there. don't wait up.
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Re: Make A Wish! What Is Your Dream Come True?

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Re: Make A Wish! What Is Your Dream Come True?

Post by Mystic »

I want more gold stellar's in this worl
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