It's been too long

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The Emerald Eye
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It's been too long

Post by The Emerald Eye »

I may barely log into CS or even play in the server (Idk since when i played here last time)
But I want to know. How is it going with you people? How's the server? Who's new? Who's still here? What am I missing. I legit miss you guys <3 I'm here just to ask about you. :)
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Re: It's been too long

Post by Silence »

It'd be hard to describe what really changed, i guess you would need to check out by yourself.
90% old regulars gone, but new regulars appear.
Nd is nothing like it used to be 2009/2010, and yet i still have satisfaction from time to time :)
And 1 thing hasnt changed: nd still dead :kappa:
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neonDragon Amdin
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Re: It's been too long

Post by Shadi »

been long indeed
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Re: It's been too long

Post by Gold Stellar »

i feel you, it has been long time since i came back :) i am in the same boat. lets revive together brother!
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Re: It's been too long

Post by Aash »

been very long indeed
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