Lets Make a Story: Version A

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which version did you write in?

Version A
Version B
Total votes: 3
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Lets Make a Story: Version A

Post by Gold Stellar »

Okay, so, this is the first version of this. both will be the exact same, but only at the start: you guys will make it into something much better. this is to see just how different two paths go when they start in the same place. please, give this you best shot! i will start off both stories, you guys take it away!

here are the rules:

1) you continue from the post above you, not any higher from it. the latest post is where the story is, use that to continue from.

2) you are not allowed to use "the end," or end the story in any way. leave it like a cliffhanger if you want, or any way. the next person will pick it up from there.

3) no killing all the characters. this path is walked by who you make it, and others will follow in their steps. no steps, no path. and we need a path. if it needs, some may be sacrificed for drama, or so they can come back in an epic entry.

4) make it a decent length, not a few words. maybe 3 sentences at least. at most: (dont. ask. me. about. word limits. this is made for text wall. applause for the longest text wall chapter.

5) no using the story for anything but the story. dont use it to talk down on other members, or love confessions (send those my way, ah the juicy stuff, i love that =`.`= ) this is fiction. make it stay that way.

6) have fun! this is a collective effort!

7) this seventh one is just for good luck. lucky seven! :)

now, to begin:

Chapter One:

The once was a place called NeonDragon. in this mystical land, the Adminions ruled with peace, and the Memebers that resided in the land were all filled with joy, and the land was prosperous. the super adminion, NeonDragon himself, was enjoying his time in his castle chatbox, watching the merry new players in the jailbreak server enjoy their games. suddenly, the sky darkened.... and then....

<take it away. end of chapter one. next person puts " chapter two" at the top and continues)
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Re: Lets Make a Story: Version A

Post by Cruxell »

Chapter two:

The players couldn't help but yell out in panic as they saw a lightning bolt descend on them from the skies. Upon landing, it created a large explosion which was extremely loud. When the dust had settled, they moved to the hit area only to see a man lying there. The victim lay on the ground with his clothes burned and with what remained of his body bloody and massacred. Upon inspecting the man, it was discovered that his balls had fallen off and that his dick would probably fall off the next time that he urinated. The players slowly cleared the dust from his face. Then, they realized! This was...
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Re: Lets Make a Story: Version A

Post by austria_wien »

Chapter III

... a mummy. A player - the old wise man - said it is a relict of the last admin meeting. The other players couldn't believe, but the old man had a story:


Yes, yes, ... desperate times call for desperate measures he suffered. Suddenly ...
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