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Re: Makita's application

Post by Bleak »

Nice to see you applying



1-Moderates pretty well

2-Pretty understandable English

3-Knows when is the right time to report




Never saw him do anything wrong

Always calm


So it'll be a YES.

Good luck, wish you the best.

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Re: Makita's application

Post by SaKraN~ »

Freddy wrote:
S[i]CE~O~ wrote:Oki doki so sir look at first I never seen you in server I just saw you like 2 or 1 week so that's mean your new from me , also I never saw you breaking any Rule and every time you get free kill you just ignore it that's what I like , and your Cons never Activity in forum + you don't moderating + never see you catching hackers. so that's my cons hope you work on it thnx.
and my vote will be Extend
Sakran, if you're gonna try and provide some cons atleast do some research beforehand. He has 712 posts which clearly depicts that his forum activity is excellent and I can assure you he's not new, he's an old regular.

Anyhow, Makita a genuine good individual that brings positive vibes into the server. A well known & respected regular amongst the community and has the experience and knowledge to become a member, the only con I can think off have been stated plenty of times above so I don't really need to repeat you not commanding "regularly". An inevitable yes from me.
MR Fred you can see what I said , I said "from me".
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Re: Makita's application

Post by ReXor »

my brother Makita nice to seeing u apply FOR MEMBER <33 :DD


He knows all the Rules and he Folow it
Everyone knows this guy haha <3
Pretty CALM
Good Commander
Respect People
Everyone Loves him
Excellent English



if someone took a demo or screenshot of him / Freekill , Abuse , Harass , Teamkill \ then i will tell admin to ban me

i didn't even saw him escaping from a vent LOL I VOTE FOR YES GUYS ITS MAKITA
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Re: Makita's application

Post by Nallez »

Silence wrote:In my opinion, you have a personality, language, knowledge of rules needed for becoming a good member.
I have to disagree with the personality part, not as you may think but in a way where I just think you as a ''that guy who pops randomly and leaves randomly''.
What I mean with this is that for so long you've been here and there, gone and came back without really getting to know, well, anything about you. You're a great person, must I say the nicest one I've ever met during my whole gaming experience. You have never, ever, ever gotten to any sort of conflicts, everyone likes you and it just seems so natural when it comes out you. You truly are a positive person who doesn't have anything negative to say about others.

You definitely have it in you to show people how to behave, how to explain situations and how to handle a full server, because I don't think anyone would want to disrespect you or show any sort of undesired behaviour. When it comes to thinking negative parts / cons about you, there is really nothing to say. I believe and know you'll get accepted, I am hoping for it to already happen this meeting and not in a month even though your application was made very late for this one.

Good luck Makita, I really hope you'll become a colleague in the nD staff.

P.S: Command.
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Re: Makita's application

Post by SCARFACE »

- Moderating.
- Helpful.
- Rule knowledge.
- Grown up, mature.
- Not harassive.
- Commanding.
- Reports ( I've read the reports paragraph but, yes I don't think you will encounter many cheaters since the server is not getting new players.. Only Regulars )

Conclusion: Welcome back to the community, I'm replying to your application since I know you ( I'm banned unfortunately ) You definitely got my YES.

Kindest regards,
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Re: Makita's application

Post by KING SNEL »

you been here for a long time and you are known to most. you know the rules very well and would do a good job, other then that you should start command. but seeing how nd accept their members nowadays you pretty dont need a mic to get accepted in jailbreak. big yes from me
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Re: Makita's application

Post by pl0t »

Hello Makita,

What a nice surprise to see you applying.
No need to argue, you have all the abilities to be a member.

It's a big YES !
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Re: Makita's application

Post by Apple »

has all the essential traits of being a member, most importantly I've always seen him have a constant behavior along the whole period I've played with him. yes.

Just try commanding a bit, its not that important but it's still a good thing because new players would look up to you when they see you commanding so it's important to be creative while doing so.
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Re: Makita's application

Post by critycism »

Hello Makita :)

I've seen you quite often in jailbreak, i think you're a cool person, never see you breaking rules nor harassing, you're pretty chill, ill just drop my cons/pros since i dont have much to say.


● You're very calm
● Perfect understandable English
● Nice towards players
● Never saw you break rules
● The moderation as you've mentioned is pretty nice
● + older regular


● Just try to report often

in conclusion, i guess you're pretty mature to be a member, my vote will be yes, best of luck!
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Re: Makita's application

Post by baby »

one of nD treasures that we dont have much of anymore , one of ( if not ) the nicest guy in the server moderates in a proper way knows how to gain respect and is very popular with the players ,and just today saw his skills as a commander and i was amazed it will be a very big waste not to have him as a member in the server
Yes for you and goodluck
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Re: Makita's application

Post by Shadi »

Another reply that's based more from behaviour I can see on forums and in chats than in-game.

It's always unreal with cases like you from my perspective, when I started on nD and saw you in the "earlier days" you were a kid. Never back then did I think I'm going to stay long enough or that you were going to stay long enough to see you become an adult. Or to be honest at the time I didn't think much about it, in my mind there was no talk of you becoming member. Well here we are, we made it. I remember seeing you leave and come back, make an application back when you were 14 and I didn't even bother seeing you as a candidate at the time.

Your kind-hearted nature stems from the early days I don't remember you ever being obnoxious or troublesome, you seem extremely active on the servers now that I could actually correctly check.

You seem mature and able to deal with discussions calmly.

You've been around for many years so my guess is you've got a good grasp of the rules

Reports to me aren't that needed as long as you have shown you know how to make them, maybe there's more to report nowadays but back when I played on JB I hardly reported either.

As for some of people's lack of commanding comment, this is a huge feature on JB so would be nice to see you become an active commander but as long as you know how to command and do so when it's needed it's not a biggie either.

Some people commented on lack of moderation, and in this category if that's the case I hope you decide to step up here to show that the trial and membership is yours. Not to an extent that results in you becoming a police officer, that's a classic rookie mistake just make sure it's natural.

As Nallez vaguely pointed out it's sometimes hard to notice you in a crowd, just like your kind-heartedness has followed you through the years so has your tendency to blend in a crowd. It's a good thing to be able to stand out on a server like JB.

This isn't a con or a pro since there is no evidence, but I believe you value your friends and people so I have a nagging fear that it's possible you might hesitate to punish a friend. So if this post is a "oh shit he may be right" in any way, just start pondering about how to deal with these situations already now.

There is one con that's really dragging you down tho, liking Naruto more than One Piece is pretty much a crime but it's not really my or nD's jurisdiction to handle so imma let the government take care of that one.

Overall your positives just overwhelm the negatives, nD JB could use a tolerant touch like yours where things are handled with patience. It's a yes from me.
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Re: Makita's application

Post by MoaTh »

good commander, good person, friendly , never saw him abusing

Yes from me

Good Luck!
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Re: Makita's application

Post by S.W.A.T »

Hello Makita , Sorry i took time to reply !
What i see about you is that , You are just perfect , Never got banned or warned , You have good experience at jailbreak

Your English is perfect , Your Moderation is good , your good commander .

You just dont have any Cons , my vote its Big Yes . Good luck Boi
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Re: Makita's application

Post by amiiz »

Hey Sir.Makita!
So glad and happy to see you applying to helpout the community.
Well,This guy is the most chilled guy nD ever had,Never saw him getting mad or even says any toxic word.He is moderating when needed,Trying to get rid of the fights as soon as they happen.Your activity in game is perfect same as your forums one.I only would love to see you commanding more often and you will get your trial/membership for sure.
I think it's clear enough to say it's a YES from me Goodluck Sir,
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Re: Makita's application

Post by uhu »


Welcome to the team! Contact me for more information.
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