Wish you good, pals.

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Apple »

One of the only departures from nD that makes me sad. You were one of the most calm people I ever met and you always brought a great atmosphere to the server. Playing with you was a pleasure and I hope it's just nD that you're leaving, not gaming as a whole. See you bud
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by pl0t »

WTF bro ! Like this ? :'(

J'espère que tout va bien et que tu pars juste par lassitude, ou un truc du style.

Bonne continuation poto, ca a été un plaisir de faire ta connaissance ingame. Jte souhaite que du bonheur :)
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by iOsama »

sad to hear that , i will miss you bobby.. :cry:
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Playboy »

Oh putain, ntm!

But we talked about how hard your life is dude and wish you all the success, message me if you ever want to play csgo or anything, I'm always down, much love dude and take care, wish you nothing but happiness and success!!


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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by nomikk »

Oh mon dieu pas ça !
Sad to see you leave broo, i had a lot of fun playing with you
You're ma chatte and you will be always ma chatte , prend soin de toi biz
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by critycism »

Tagliano` wrote:It's with a pinch in the heart that i'm writing this but things right now are that I have to... I don't want to get deep and write paragraphs since i hate it, but letting y'all know the heart is there.
Idk if what I typed made sense, but i guess you can understand it ^^

As the title said, wish you guys the best in life, cya around ! :handgestures-thumbupleft: :handgestures-salute:

Awww wish you the best in life :) tu vas nous manquer tagleannnaaaaa!!!

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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Cruxell »

Sad to see you go mate, I hope you return soon.
Had a lotta fun with you.
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by SosA »

Hope you enjoy your stay and good luck in life
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Kris »

Good luck in real life man,it comes first. We had some nice moments,take care in life bud.
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Aash »

EditedRhyme-Let's just be the friends and family we are.
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Jak »

WTF bro, I can’t believe that there’s no bobby anymore !
cmon man don’t leave I really love playing with you :(
I’ll miss your sound bobby, I’ll miss you always <3
Good luck man...
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Lawliet »

take care pal.
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by S.W.A.T »

C'est triste !! mon frère tes dans le coeur
N'oublie pas d'envoyer des msg sur steam je suis là tjr
Cya ❤
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by KING SNEL »

you take care now babe
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Re: Wish you good, pals.

Post by Papito »

nD is boring without freekilling you, take care and wish you the best jeli papou.
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