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Re: The Admin team.

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Thragord wrote: Infinite and his PC bit -
Have you even seen his mentioned issue with it? It's not even a deadly problem at all, as a simple data rollback could fix it, or just an update disable, but nope - immediately wants a new computer. That shows the lack of patience you could expect from him on a full Jailbreak server as well, with frustration taking over. Not to mentioned the other reasons mentioned for him not a good fit for membership at all. And yes, I extremely dislike him as a member, but am neutral about him as a player.
No, it doesn't show anything. If a person doesn't know what the problem is you can't expect him to know the solution. Personally I would find someone to try to fix it first but it could be different for him. I don't know shit about computers either, only basics, and a small PC problem for me can sometimes seem a big one because I have no knowledge in that area so I can't know if it needs just a "data rollback" or if it is a more serious problem.

Indeed Infinite was accepted too early and he has some problems handling the server but as far as I know other members were helping him and he has improved since then.
Note that I'm not taking sides here btw, just trying to explain that his troubles with his PC have nothing to do with his patience and even if it was too early for him, you can try and help him improve.
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Re: The Admin team.

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rofl ok so what was the purpose of this topic, 3 pages later none of the admins replied to anything. only hate storms winding up here and fucking essays about bullshit, this is a fucking gaming community not a forum for problems you get at home you lot need to calm down.
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Re: The Admin team.

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shiill guys !!!!
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Re: The Admin team.

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daM wrote:
[email protected]$$ wrote:I think the member who did started this internal voting thing should reply here and put an end to this

Members voting in private has been here since 2012, But was mainly done within a member meeting, Member meetings are not as consistent compared to back then, Starting this thread was a good idea, And many members do say what they see and think about people applying, other members will even give feedback on what members posted, its been done to help the admin team when it comes to making their decisions, But if you have been a member before or been in the community for a while, You will know that the votes that really count is the admins.
Idk if were still going on about this private member voting, but I can guarantee you this is how it went down when I were a member.
I wouldnt see a reason to switch this as members and admins most likely have the best objective POV of a person.
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Re: The Admin team.

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~LITE~ wrote:shiill guys !!!!
you know there's something wrong when lite's comment is the thread's most sensible reply
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