[Accepted] KaKao jail application.

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KaKao jail application.

Post by KaKao »

Me, Myself & nD.
KaKao jail application

Before we go on, I posted an application last year but decided to close it, there were uncertainties with my work place at that time and because of that I felt it was for the best.

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:12690939
- NickName : KaKao
- Age : 27
- Gender : Male
- Working microphone? : Yes.
- Previous experience : I do not have any previous moderating experience for Counter-Strike.

Image Average amount spent on neonDragon.
I would probably say up to an hour per day, I know I don't have any over the top activity in game, mostly because there is other stuff I'm busy with every now and then. However, keeping up the activity as a potential moderator wouldn't be a problem for me.

Image Introduction to neonDragon.
I've been a part of this community since 2010 when I randomly stumbled into the Jailbreak server, I didn't know much about the mod at that time but stuck around because I enjoyed it, neonDragon also had the players and moderators that many other servers lacked. I've spent quite a few hours over the years on the servers, had smaller breaks every now and then during these years but because I liked the community I always returned.

Image Who is KaKao?
I'm a 27 year old male, born and raised in Sweden. Before I ended up in front of the computer I used to compete in table tennis but after a couple of years I lost the spark and decided to quit. Because of my new found interest in computers I applied and got into an IT high school, the school wasn't the best and looking back I should have chose something else.

So far I've had a couple of different jobs, each one a bit better than the last but I still haven't found something that I really like and can see myself stay in for years to come. At the moment I'm unemployed, currently looking for work in other areas and plan to move as soon as I find something interesting, plans to start up my own company still linger but this is something that would require a lot more planning and cash in the bank.

Why am I applying?
I do think I would be an asset for this community and I have been meaning to send in an application for some time, I am an active and dedicated regular who has been here for a while. I do not have any previous experience being a moderator but I would try my best to help the players and keep the servers free from toxicity, abusers, cheaters and those alike. I've slipped up every now and then but I do believe I am a player that you wouldn't regret having on your team.

Decided to keep the application a little bit shorter this time around.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by MADLIFE! »

Been waiting for this! no need for pros and cons from my side, Easiest yes i've ever voted.

As I said tho, you've done a shitload for nD already and you appear to be a level-headed guy so you should definitely be given a shot. I'm sure you'll do even more work behind the scenes although you might end up being disappointed at admin response time.
I am slightly worried that you might take it too seriously and end up using your menu for everything and anything which would do more bad than good, we'll see I guess.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Younes Ml »

Working mic
Never see you breaking any rules
Very active in game and in fourm


My vote is YES
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by woOW »

Finally kakao you decided to join the team i was waiting for it :)
Well there is No thing bad to say about this guy ...very calm and helpful player .high level of rules knowledge , moderate when its needed obviously its a huge YES from me GL mate
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Dee Dee »

Hi there!

I totally agree with you here, you will be a great asset for the community. I mean, you already are with the dedication you put into it. I'm really glad to see you are taking this step forward once again. Apart from having common sense (the least common of senses) you've been around for a long time, so you know how this works too. Besides, you are nice, helpful and respected. I have no doubts that you will do a great job. Good luck!
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by S.W.A.T »

No need To talk about Pro's and con's , now you are the perfect guy to be a member i requested that to you via steam too many times , this time you decided to apply , ofcourse i am gonna say Yes, you alerady did a great job to the community ,GoodLuck .
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by doeda »

The first real member material i've come across in a while.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by [email protected] * »

- Knowledge the rules.
- spent a lot of time here.
- helpful.
- adult.
- nothing to write.
my vote is YES

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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Lo Tus »

good application ^^ nice guy,good ct and post funny memes its a YES
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by SosA »

daM wrote:Been waiting for this! no need for pros and cons from my side, Easiest yes i've ever voted.
What is the point of writing when you did so much to us! YES
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by Lite sensei »

I always wanted to see you as a member. You are one of the best and most respected players in the server. I have never seen you make mistakes with players or underestimated them. you have always been among the many players who have provided the server with all-round software or by helping new or old players. you also helped to build the server. A large proportion maps of your design. It is today before we say whether we agree or not We have to thank you first for all you have given us as players. Now you are trying to do more to the communty by becaming a memeber In short, you have all the qualifications and perhaps more to become a member. My vote is definitely yes and I hope to see you in constant evolution like your habit.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by infectedsushi »


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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Finally Kakao no need to say much insta yes from me. I'll maybe edit my post later to come up with some cons to work on but for now it stays like that.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by kami (GER] »

what are you guys waiting for, accept him, no need to wait for the next admin meeting.
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Re: KaKao jail application.

Post by spaxor »

A small glimpse of hope for nD, don't bother waiting until the next meeting when there's nothing to prove. yes
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