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Pete Dunham
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Pete Dunham »

Hello infinite and im gonna give u prons and cons too

Good boy
Good commander
Never break rules
Never hack
Never harras
Helping players

The opposite of pros :lol:

For me its a no
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Romeo »

You seem to be aggressive like your last reply.

Btw he said u never hack and never harass not that you hack and harass.

I dont see you a lot but from the times I saw you, you were a good-friendly guy. Quite active, good English, moderates when needed. But you dont engage in forum discussion nor moderate on forums. Also your reports. I dont see you report a lot but maybe u call members straight away (that idk), also sometimes you could lose your temper so maybe you could focus on cooling down a bit and remember that its only a game. I think thats all i know about u. I will add more if I have anything else.

My vote is blank.

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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Hamooda »

Helllllooo Infinite :D
So Great to see you applying..!! :) :)

You'r Really very good commander on Jailbreak..!!
I don't see you freekilling people...sometimes you freekill but its ofc
By a mistake that's okey!

But you really need to fix you'r Pro's And cons
your good active on forums And you'r Friendly guy In-game
And I saw you sometimes helping people that's a great thing!
You'r mic isn't bad it's nice to listen when you command!
and I wanna tell you again fix your Pro's and Cons :) You'r not bad

So I will vote yes :) Goodluck Bro! 8-)
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by ludwig »

Hello bro Glad to see u Applying,so let's get into it.
Pros :
-Clear And Working mic.
-Nice Commander.
-Reporting When Needed.
-Helps Ppl.
-Moderating When Needed.
-Rule Acknowledge.
-Active (Forum&Ingame)
Cons :
-Try To report Some hackers to make the admins sure that u know how to catch hackers.

Well,Bro Try to work the the cons were given by other players and try to improve your self more and more,My Vote is Yes Goodluck bro!
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Lite sensei
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Lite sensei »

1-you dont know rules
2-mic abusing playing music 24/24
3-helecopter mic
4-you dont join alot
5-bad ct playing around and dont pay attention to the lr
6-no moderating
7-no reports
8-you are only 14 years old
9-dont help new players
10-toxic behaviours shut the fuck up and alot like this
11-rage all time you die or some think you start doing this
a no from me
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Nidhal »

~Moderates when needed
~Good commander


My vote is Yes.Good Luck :D
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Infinite »

Thanks for all the positive replies!
I promise I will fix my cons.
For those who say catch a hacker or report by demo,don't worry i do know how to record a demo!
Its just that i hardly ever come across any hackers but if i do i will be reporting him even if there are others reporting the same person!
Once again thanks a lot !

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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Shotex »

you are kinda guy who is very resbonsible so that i think that you can take this work with your whole soul. but you need to stand out and moderate more. you make reports, also command and you barely do that and on 100%. i think it's early for you to take this job. many people say that you'r aggresive and other bullshit. let this month pass and give another shot again in 1 month. i give you Extend .

Good luck!
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Death »

I've known you for a long time, And you've always been such a guy like that, one who always wants to help to improve things and to do them in the most correct way without hurting anyone or being above anyone... That can be seen in many cases, even from the way you explain to people that something is forbidden you try say the things in the most pleasant way without any condescension .
I have no doubt about your rule knowledge, you know them all, your in-game activity is great ( keep that up), you are moderating a lot of people and your English level is satisfactory, In general I do think you have what it takes to be a member and you'll be a great addition, but right now I am not sure that this is the right time... I have seen that you still have other signs of a little boy's behavior like getting mad after you die and to quarrel with people, But that's fine because that's how it is, you will grow up like everyone else and it will pass very quickly

I'm glad to see that you want to help the community infinite!, I strongly believe that you can be accepted with a little time, you have the main things you need to have and you keep getting better quickly, So keep doing that and Good Luck with your application!
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by Patrick »


Congratulations and welcome to the team!
Please contact Voropoulo on steam for more information.
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by PoP^ »

gz habibi
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by S.W.A.T »

- delete this
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neonDragon Admin
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by ZeRo#1 »

S.W.A.T wrote:HaHa niCE joKe wait wut its not joke
Accept papaJr and make 12Yo server :O
Yeah you would fit in a server full with 12 y/o ones SWAT.
And even if he would be 12 he has enough qualities to get atleast a chance to show he is capable to handle a server and do not forget he is on a trial.

As for you Infinite I told you already on Steam and do it again, congratz bruh and deserved in my eyes.
Image <--- n1 Shadi
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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by doeda »

congrats :)
"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."


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Re: Infinite's Application

Post by SosA »

Yoo I kwew you were gonna make it congrats homie
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