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baby's application

Post by baby »

Baby's Application !

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:100175275
- NickName : baby
- Age : 21
- Gender : Male
- Do you have a working mic? : Yes
- Average amount of time on our servers per day : 3-4 hours per day
- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? : I will be talking about this later on the application but i think that the first time i played in a nD server was 15 months ago as a nonsteamer

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : I've played cs 1.6 more than i can remember ( including nearly 7 years of JB ) I have moderated JB,BB and DD2 servers before ( admin / servermanager ) in various communities in the past ( Most of them used english as a universal language except for two who used arabic ) that gave me a lot of knowledge , and has converted my mind to the better when it comes to what it takes to moderate a server ( mostly with this means managing the people that are playing and not the server itself , as for that it is someone else's speciality )

It has been my experience that one of the most efficient ways to measure a community's worth is by assessing its way of organizing the servers/forum and the players .
I was fortunate enough to experience various kinds of these methods ,systems and concepts that are used to moderate a community as a whole .The majority uses countless sets of rules and protocols ( for players and admins alike ) . And some others were able to evolve into using absolutely no rules ( take my previous community for example , we had to administare the server with nothing but common sense,poeple previous experience with JB MOD and a few tricks to keep things from boiling out . In addition to countless meetings with the people in charge ) .

However none of them has ever ( and i mean ever ! ) managed to suppress and vanquish the inevitable confusions and headaches they get from all the confusing countless rules they made ( or the 0 rules they agreed to use ) as much as nD managed to !
to be honest , i never tough it was possible to have a server with too many rules,things and players to manage to be this entertaining . But its all thanks to the one guy ( girl / group of people / or maybe even through the years of experience ) decided to unite ( rules / common sense / loyal genuis minds / and hard workers ) as a one .
that is why nD is my favourite

- Introduction & Motivation : Hello There ! My real name is LGHACHI Oussama im 21 years old and im a university student , and i live in morocco . The reason for me to apply to join the nD*Jail team is my own urge to help moderate and orginize the server that i really love and show the new comers the way to experience and enjoy the JB server ( and nD as a whole ) to the fullest !

Please feel free to ask about anything that maybe i forgot to mention or just anything you like ;)

Note : regarding my application i want to point out that all connections with my previous communites are no more existing since i stopped playing in them a while ago ( most of them shut down ) and im concentrating on my life in nD !
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Re: baby's application

Post by Zeke »

I know your are good for this position but no one knows you here :/
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Re: baby's application

Post by [email protected]$$ »

Tixler wrote:I know your are good for this position but no one knows you here :/
Maybe u can elaborate on it....

As far as I see you have less playtime even lesser forum activity. Speaking about other stuff like rule knowledge, in-game behavior etc I cannot say anything atm coz I don't know u. Try to stand out a bit, report cheaters and rule breakers be active on forums and look at the accepted applications so u know what it exactly takes to be a member here.... Good luck!!
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Re: baby's application

Post by baby »

[email protected]$$ wrote:
Tixler wrote:I know your are good for this position but no one knows you here :/
Maybe u can elaborate on it....
I think he used to play in the JB server iwas in charge of .

Thank you so much for the feedback im fully aware of my lack of activity on forum and i promise i will work on it ( same for all the points you mentioned ) as i will try to stand more in both server&forum .
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Re: baby's application

Post by Shotex »

hi there baby, LGHACHI.
i'v met you on CB several time and you'v been nice talker. so here's my suggestion:
you'r are new to all of us in this community so you need to take part in forum discussions, make a lot of friends here, get more known among people here, boost up your forum activity, boost up your server activity also and report. you'v done 0 reports. so reports are main part of the members.
here's my suggestions, take this way and you'll succeded easyly.
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Re: baby's application

Post by VanBuren »

Hello baby good to see you post

Ok my friend you have working mic and you are Friendly and sometimes I see you help the people and you are good comander but you are new in our community you need to be more activity in forum but I will say for you yes good luck have nice day
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Re: baby's application

Post by SosA »

Helloo Mate, Nice to see you giving a shot for the team!

I won't regret anything right now, Since I need more information about you! (I will be replying) However here is the things you will need to work on as I told you in Steam! You said you will work on Moderating and Reporting people! Your also the person that some people will hate you for this little thing! But you and I are good friends so I really don't care! I want you to be friendly and get to know everyone better!! I'll be voting extend which is leading to a YES when you fix all your negatives
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Re: baby's application

Post by Army life »

Ey baby nice to see you applyin for nd jail Let me start in begin you are friendly in server and i dont see you breakin and king of rules However rthere are somes cons that you should have it as an task and ,you should try to improve them
Your forum activity is not very well, also you have no reports or that i have not see you moderatin in game you help a bit players who need help also you recently just come back and you should know that in jb is more difficult than you think
,for an example how would you do when theres a bounch of rebellion. alright il start with my vote
I would like to see you more how you moderate reportin etc
ill vote you for extend . try to improve them
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Re: baby's application

Post by Decency »

I've only seen you for a couple of times but so far you seem like an ok fellow. I haven't seen anything bad coming from you but neither anything outstanding. You have a lot of previous experience which is a big + and I think you have the potential to become a member in the near future. My current concern is just your forum activity(mainly discussions but other topics wouldn't hurt), your rule knowledge and the way you would handle stressful situations. Tixler made a remark about you not being known here and I agree. Making a name for yourself and letting the community know who you are is not something you can do in a day, it simply takes time.

My advice for you is to:

- Play as a CT and command as much as you can. This will help people observe your skills as a CT and mainly your rule knowledge. You will also be more noticed.
Even if being a CT means less enjoyment for you(as I've mostly seen you as a terrorist), being a member is more of a chore than a fun thing so you should probably get used to it.

- Make a few reports showing the admin team how good your sense of judgement is (also, moderate if needed)

Good luck
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Re: baby's application

Post by Patrick »

We don't think you are ready to join the team at the current moment. Stand more out of the crowd and moderate more on the servers. Try interact on the forums and become a part of the community.

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