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Re: VanBuren #Application

Post by S0HaIB »

Vanburen is a good guy in general,he commands well in jb ,i rarely see him freekilling. He is respectful,speaks nice words, i have never seen him arguing with players. He is active on dr and jb servers and forums, in jailbreak he always tries his best to improve himself and to command successful rounds. Good luck .. :D
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Re: VanBuren #Application

Post by PeshK »

hi vanburen
- nice
- trying to be active

- being active on different servers
- trying to be active on forums which is good

- english can be a little better

pretty much what i know about you
goodluck :)
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Re: VanBuren #Application

Post by Patrick »


We have decided to decline your application due to a report that was made on you: http://www.neondragon.net/strikelist.php?report_id=4073
The report shows that you are trying to scam players and trick them to buy the VIP trial from you for cash. This is not acceptable in any way and it's not member-like at all. VIP trial is something we offer to the players for free to give them an opportunity to try out the different VIP-features on our servers before buying it. Refrain from doing so in the future.
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