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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by dragonfirez »

wow mila, you surprise me!! Anyway will leave my pros and cons here.
very mature for your age
Good english
edite: moderate a lot!
help newbies
stand out of the crowds
14 y/o is a bit young
i've never seen you report anyone
So my vote is an extend from now
EDIT: i'm sorry, i don't play deathrun that much but today i saw you moderate a lot, which is a pro from me ^^, anyway, try to report more and i'll reconsider! :)
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Death »

Hello ding, my littel sister! Great to see you want help the community :)
But if that, comes with a big responsibility that I'm not sure you can handle. You have a lot of positive things to say, but I'll try to focus on things to improve..
your age - You are considered a delicate young woman, Which makes you afraid to stand in front of the audience
Activity on the forums- You do not have a strong presence in the forum, and I'm afraid it will make you stay behind, or do not understand what you supposed to do (Which can make you bad at explaining and understanding players around)
Reports - You have not reported anyone yet

However, I think you are a very nice woman .. a good player on the server + activity, and can enchant everyone with your voice
i will give you an extend, Because I think that in a short time you will be able to develop and succeed

Edit: I decided to change my vote to yes since you showed improvement in many things :)
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Saad »

Cao Sestraaaaaaaaaaa! :) :)
Really glad to see your application :)

She's really an old player here
Very friendly
Activity on servers is super HIGH!
Keeps really good&funny atmosphere on servers :)
She knows the rules.(She's also there to help if somebody is unaware of the rules)
I have seen her many times asking players to follow rules.

and DR really needs someone who is that active like her ,, DR is like an orphan in these 2,3 months .. Only Bixaar is there and whenever i play i see only abusers ,harassers, scripters so i think SHE will be a nice inclusion in nD Runners :)

About the reports and forum activity , i hope she will start it soon.

Good Luck Mila :)
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Conor McGregor »

Good Girl.
She know the rules..
hmm... i dont know anything hehe so good luck !
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Hamooda »

Milaaaa my best sister, its really good to see you wants to help the community.

I don't play much dr but i saw her playing good there and following the rules, i think if they accept you, you will do a very good work, and i wish you goodluck Mila

And she good active on the server

She knows the rules, she is my friend like 1-2 years ago so i know her good and.

I wish you goodluck again, accept her she is the beeeessssst ..<3!!!
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by critycism »

Hi Mili :)

Mila has been a nice person since I met her, she was really friendly the first time she knew my existence. (more players like her pls)
Seeing you apply in the forum did a big smile in my face, because I know you can make it to a good member.

- Always helps new people in the server
- moderates a bit.
- never had problems with her since she's a nice person.
- good atmosphere when she's around.
- very active.
- knows the rules.
- good english.

- try reporting more and interacting in forums, will help stepping up the application game!

Good luck with everything mili <3

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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by cuddly teddy bear »

i think you have potential. you are known among deathrun regulars and a some members like me, supercell, bixaar etc. you are very friendly and you don't seem to have any grudge against anyone and you are very helpful. you speak english very well plus, you also speak a number of balkan languages which will be helpful as there is number of regulars from serbia, croatia, macedonia etc. who play in deathrun, so it is easier to communicate/help/moderate them. honestly i don't see a lot wrong with you becoming a member. i would just like to see you report more and increase forum activity by participating in discussions etc. the same with all applicants and moderate more. this is what i have seen but generally are a good candidate. i will vote a yes.

good luck!
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Supercell »

Hi Mila , nice to see u applying for the runner team !!

Pros :

-One of the friendliest people in this community
-Calls me whenever there is a rulebreaker
-Is really active on the deathrun server and I think the deathrun server needs some active members since its always chaotic there when there aren't any members online.
-I think ur rule-knowledge is pretty good
-U are well-known in the deathrun server , but not really in the whole community I think.

Neutrals :

-Reports , since its not really a big deal , I have put it in the neutrals. Try to report some rule breakers so we can see how u would handle with them if u are a member. There are plenty of rulebreakers in DR who need a cooldown ban so its not really hard to report someone.
-Moderation, I know u moderate sometimes but I want u to moderate some more. I think this is pretty easy for u since u know how the things work on DR , just try to help some new people and moderate rulebreakers.

Cons :

-Forum activity , ur forum activity is pretty low and its really important for a member too be active on the forums. Try to be more active by joining some forum discussions and maybe talk in the chatbox sometimes !
-I dont know if u can handle a full server as Uber said cuz its really chaotic sometimes in DR. I know u can call other members to help u but maybe one time u are in a situation when no member can come to help u. Then u need to handle it by ur self. Its pretty hard sometimes too handle a full server with harassers , mic spammers and people who are abusing for example. Are u ready for this Mila ?

Conclusion :

I dont see why u don't earn a trial , but in my eyes its maybe to soon for u cuz I want so see more things from u. Try to fix
the given cons and also neutrals so I know u are ready too become a member. Also deathrun needs some more active members and u are a great candidate since u are really active and well-known in the deathrun server. I will give u an extend and I will edit my post if I see some improvements from u .

Good luck Mila !
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by [email protected]$$ »

Hello Ding Ding....

How I see you as a player is that you are quite a friendly girl who is mature enough and also very active in game... However there are these basic requirements to being a member that a player must have if he/she is to be considered a fair candidate for membership. You need to report players on nD forums (especially cheaters) because we need to know if you can spot a cheater or no. Also why does people say that forum activity is necessary is because by reading a persons posts it shows that yes you can take part in active and serious discussions and by reading your opinions to various situations one can know you and I don't know how to say but you stand out more here and you can also know more players by taking part in these interactive conversations who aren't that much active in game but they are in forums. Also another quality which is very important to be a member is to be calm in dealing with rule breakers and teach them the rules yourself instead of straight away using your menu. As some of our friends said you should be able to handle a full server and you need to be calm and you should have the ability to take over when "things get outta control". You shouldn't freak out even in the worst of situations.....

You are a great regular and a nice friendly person I give you full marks for that!! But membership??? Well I would conclude by saying you need to work a lot.... Declining your application will be but too harsh as I see that no matter what you truly are a dedicated applicant and a nice person overall. So I would go with EXTEND

----I would surely edit my current post or maybe make a new reply based on what I see from today till the admin meeting comes near..... Wish you all the best!!!----

Edit :- I change my vote to a yes because Mila has improved on many of her cons if not plus plus she is dedicated.... Much love :p
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Romeo »

Hey Mila, nice to see you applying :) lets start with the pros and cons....

Pros :
☆ Active on servers
☆ Deticated
☆ tries to help when she sees that she can help
☆ Mature for your age, I honestly dont see anything bad concerning your age
☆ Very very friendly

Neutrals :
☆ Moderation, I barely ever seen you moderate, I think you are capable of moderating but if you try. I would like to see you moderate more
☆ Activity on forums, not that big of an issue though.
☆ I am concerned about your rule knowledge cause I dont see you moderate that much.

Cons :
☆ Reports, I think this is a huge thing especially for a dr players. There is always, always meaning literally 24/7, harassers on dr and also bhop scripters and sometimes speedhackers (which I find that it doesnt make sense cause there are traps where u can fall and die).

I will vote extend till i see some improvement on the rule knowledge and reports and maybe a little more activity on forums.

Wish you luck!!

Edit made on July 8th : until now you still have only 4 posts on forums, I think this matters a lot, you need to get your forum activity up and get envolved in some forum discussions more. Also no moderation in forums at all.
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Nallez »

Pretty dull application, has so little information, motivation is poor, it feels like you spent 30 seconds typing this.
Never seen you type anything in the forums, don't think I've even seen a presentation, correct me if I'm wrong though, you're also only 14.

If you were a bit older you'd get accepted for sure, now I'm not so sure.. :think:
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by MicroChip »


I gotta say that you deserve this more than anyone else!! When I was new and I played kz server , you were the reason why I spent 2hours instead of leaving after 2mins. I was new and absolutely blank to the kz commands and stuff. I was stuck in a place and you guided me through all the commands and helped me complete the map.

Recently, there were times when a guy was trash talking something about me in a foreign language, you informed me via steam that he was harassing me in Serbian. Your language knowledge will help nD a lot with translation and stuff.

You are super friendly, I know many others have mentioned this before but I gotta second that.

You have started reporting rule breakers. Number of reports isn't important unless the reports you make are appropriate and you know how to report other players.

My sole concern is your forum activity, you haven't made my posts yet so I find it difficult to conclude your views on certain topics. But runner team doesn't require as much forum activity as jail but you still gotta improve it.

I would want to give you my YES if you improve your forum activity.
Good Luck!
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by BiXaAr-MeDy. »

hi there Mila !

well, you're old player in deathrun, and it's nice to see you apply..

oke, you known in the server this is normal since you are old, let's say your age inappropriate , but you are mature because you are quiet in the server ( don't violate the rules ).

you are good at Serbian, Macedonian and this is good for dealing with different categories, in addition good english and this is very important.
also you are moderate, when you see anything ( breaking the rules ) you behave..

but this is not enough to be accepted ..

you are new to the forums and you have to adapt a bit, the reports also is important here it is necessary to know it well ..

and you must be active here like sv, such as chatting or reply to topics especially in deathrun forums etc .. to be known here .

all that you need if you want to join. i see Extended better now, my answer is Blank leaning to a yes, this is the right answer now from my point of view.. fix your cons and you can do it as soon as possible.

best of luck..
Gotouda Aki
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Since your application was made about 2 days ago, we decided to skip it at this meeting.
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Re: Mila's application n1

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

Nallez wrote:you're also only 14.If you were a bit older you'd get accepted for sure, now I'm not so sure.. :think:
Let's not forget Queijo Da Serra, how old was he when he got accepted, 13-14? I obviously don't know what the deal is with this gal, so I won't really express my opinion towards her and her application, other than while she might be young, maturity isn't always proportional to age. Also, could've given more than a rat's arse into typing this application, so I'll agree with Nallez on that point. Don't see it as a biggie though, as she seems pretty straight forward and honest. The girl wants to help cause there's not enough moderator presence in the server, and that's all that matters.

Reports.. let's not forget Deathrun isn't really a cheaters' nest, but my suggestion is to visit other servers such as Deathmatch, or even Speedrun, which is part of the Runners playground, and you get the occasional speedhacker or whatever they're called.

Forum activity is important, Dumbass' point is very much valid, it shows how you interact with others, social skills, all that jazz, but again, it's not unheard of for a candidate to have been accepted while forum activity was pish (RaBBit?).
BiXaAr-MeDy. wrote:you are good at Serbian, Macedonian and this is good for dealing with different categories, in addition good english and this is very important.
cuddly teddy bear wrote:you speak english very well plus, you also speak a number of balkan languages which will be helpful as there is number of regulars from serbia, croatia, macedonia etc. who play in deathrun, so it is easier to communicate/help/moderate them.
Very good point actually, during my time as a member I learned how to say "fuck your mum" in various languages lmao. Someone who can actually speak balkan languages, or even just understand, would be a good addition to the team. Or well, to put it in other words, it's a big bonus.

However, I feel like I need to say that while Deathrun is in need of active members, that doesn't mean that just about anyone who's remotely adequate should be accepted out of desperation.

I know I'm not active anymore, but I still check Deathrun applications, and wanted to give my 2 centz about this one. Getting good vibes from this chick as she seems like a good candidate, but it's up to the admins to decide whether or not she's actually ready for it. Good luck!
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