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Lawliet's Application

Post by Lawliet »

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:79333533
- NickName : Lawliet
- Age : 21
- Gender : Male
- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : Nothing at all. Never been an admin/member before.
- Average amount of time on our servers per day : Depends, +4 hours usually.
- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? 2013/2014
- Do you have a working mic? Yes.
- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.)
as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.

Hello, I'm Lawliet, 21 yo, studying Control & Instrumentation Systems Engineering, graduating in less than 2 years (hopefully :p). I live in the university's dorm since it's in a far city from my hometown and in my family house during holidays.

My hobbies:
Back in high school I used to play football quite a lot. I still do but not as frequent (from +3 times a week to once a month), Reading Novels, watching anime/shows/movies, hanging out with friends in the weekends and last but not least, playing video games.

My personality:
I believe I am calm, collected, nice and lazy af kind of person.

Throughout the many years I've played on nD, I've had a lot of great times. I always join the servers and have some fun like everybody else. It is really a joy to be able to part of the servers and I feel that I should somehow pay back for the good times I've had on the server. And what better way to help out than to become a moderator? Over the past few months I've been thinking about applying and what my cons are and what is needed to fix them, and I can gladly say that I feel it is the right time to apply. I always have a blast on the server, no matter how bad the CT team maybe sometimes, BUT some rules breakers/bad CTs actually get to the point that I myself get annoyed. I do try to moderate when I feel it's needed. some people respond and stop breaking the rules or w/e wrong thing they're doing. the majority just ignore it since it's not coming from a member/admin. This is where I believe that having member powers would benefit. It's extremely hard to moderate without powers as the punishments aren't able to be delivered instantaneously, which causes the player to be able to constantly break the rules and continue to be a bad ct, leading to a toxic server, which nobody wants...
hell sometimes they start insulting us which make it even worse xd. As I mentioned I'm almost always having fun no matter what. However, some players get bored/annoyed faster than some others. When the CTs are being lame by commanding boring cage games and using Simon says(when it's not needed) continually, the popularity in the server decreases noticeably, and I believe this needs to change for the better.

Thank you for taking this application into consideration.
Dee Dee

Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Dee Dee »


It's very nice to see you apply! You're one of the most suitable regulars for membership in my opinion (from what I've seen outside JB).

- Excellent English
- You are active both in forums and ingame
- You are polite and helpful
- You are friendly
- You have common sense --> I think this is important while moderating.

I guess people might say that you haven't reported. Despite this is not a major issue, it would be nice to see a couple of reports, if you have the chance, to confirm you are able to do them.

Apart from this, regarding forum activity, which is mostly based on WW games, maybe you can participate in different discussions, come up with suggestions for JB, etc. I'm sure you're full of good ideas.

Good luck with your application!
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by SiX »

Based on my experience with you from WW, TTT and JB, you are someone who's easy to talk to. You are a very reasonable person and I like that about you. It'll be a yes from my side, good luck.
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by KING SNEL »

you are a good guy and you command very well, big yes
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by minato »

you are pro commander u play nicely follow the rules my vote is A Yes
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Patrick »

Hi Lawliet!

I have been expecting your application for a while now, and I'm really glad you finally decided to apply. I'm not going to add a vote, but adding a few things I have noticed about you instead.


- You seem to have a cool head.
- You are very active ingame, but I'd like you to be a bit more active on the forums outside WW.
- You are very polite and very helpful.
- You seem like an intelligent individual with common sense.
- I have seen you moderate a bit on jb. I don't play there, so it would be nice if you could show what you are capable of doing on the other servers you are playing. Even though your main focus will be on jb, it's still important to be able to moderate the other servers aswell.

- I'd like to see a few more reports from you. That way the admins can see that you pay attention to rulebreaking situations, and that you want to do something about it.

Hope to see you in the team soon.
Good luck with your application!
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Majin Vegeta #BB »

Extremely pleased that you decided to apply. Coming from a regular and member of JB:


Maturity - I'd like to add that he's able to maintain his calm at all times.

Authority - From my perspective Lawliet has a fair bit of authority on the jailbreak server, some new players referring to him as a member due to it.

Commanding/Standing out - Lawliet commands quite often, and is well known by the regulars on the server. This also allowed him to learn the rules extremely fast as when you command you learn what you can and cannot do.

Moderation - He's moderates a lot for a regular and there's been countless instances where he has contacted me to take care of a situation on the server, showing his dedication for the server itself.

Friendly - I view this as a big part of being a member. The more friendly you are the more people will be willing to come to you for help. Never have I seen Lawliet harass or really have a bad attitude and he's been extremely helpful while on the servers. This makes him a great role model which is what members should be!

Active - Main part of being a jail member is being able to moderate on the servers as much as possible, and he's one of the active regulars on JB. Need to up the activity on the forum side of things however :P


Reports - While I don't believe a Jail member really needs to report often as most problems can be solved in the server, it would help to show the players how you moderate and what you consider strike worthy.

You are one of the regulars that helps to make the servers a better place. I know you well enough to know that you care about the servers. It would be a mistake not to accept the helping hand. Big YES
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Aash »

Very friendly very helpful and good commander and ur rule knowledge is pretty good too. big yes from me.
Good luck
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by jokur. »

It's really nice to see that you finally decided to apply, the community needs mature and calm guys like you with good knowledge of the rules. Your activity in the server is a good pro point for you because we constantly notice that members aren't present always when we need them. So to make it short here is a list of pros and cons about you and your application from my personal perspective.


-Has good knowledge of the rules
-Good english
-Commands regularly
-Can keep his calm in bad situations
-Moderates often


-The one negative point I can personally note, and which is not really a big deal, is that there hasn't been much reports in the forum from you lately. It is something you acn easliy improve and is not a big problem for you.

Globally, I give a BIG YES to you and really hope that you get accepted.
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Aprig »

Nice to see you applying. You seem to be a very motivated, responsible, and mature guy, your commanding skills are more than good, you moderate when necessary, and also, your rule knowledge is great. On the other side, you are friendly and helpful with everyone which is a big plus. Activity in-game is more than enough. This guy would represent a good addition for the nD Jail team since his dedication for this game has reached its fullest potential. My vote is a yes.
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by gal »

Lawliet, you're a calm collected guy, you got good rule knowledge, you're active, and responsible. It is really nice to see you applying, good luck with your application.
Yeye get this guy he's gr8
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Supercell »

Hey Lawliet nice to see ur application mate !!! I expected this application already so here are my pros and cons :

Pros :

-Really nice and calm guy
-Commands a lot when he is ct
-Moderates when he think he needs to
-Active in game
-English level is high
-Has the rule knowledge to become a member

Cons :

-I think I dont have any big cons but only a small con : Try to be more active on the forums and try to report more . Not very hard to fix this ...

Conclusion :

I think you are one of the nicest and calmest regulars in this community so far and I think you would fit perfectly in the team . I see that u want to help this community out . Worth a trial , absolutely a yes !!
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by cuddly teddy bear »

good commander, is helpful to others and moderates. hope to see you in the jail team. yes
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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by Nallez »

One of the friendliest dude I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I'm sure he'd handle a member position like it's a piece of cake.

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Re: Lawliet's Application

Post by spaxor »

-You seem to know the rules quite well.
-Great commander
-Been here for a long time
-You're a very competent person.

- Engagement with the community in general,(forum, teamspeak etc..), however nothing important.
- The more detailed rules could be a questionmark with you, I'm not sure if you're fully informed about all the small rules that tend to create confusion on the servers.

I'm happy you applied man, we've spoken about this before and I know that you're fully capable of being a member, you're probably the only regular I'd really want to see in the team and fully trust at this very moment. You know where to draw the lines, you're a fun guy. It's clear that you only want good for the community and it would be a benefit to have you in the team in my opinion. Definetly a yes from me.

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