Zombie Escape Rules

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Zombie Escape Rules

Post by Waschera »

General nD rules, found in the spoiler below.
  1. No harassing, insulting or flaming.
  2. No racism.
  3. No offensive or pornographic sprays.
  4. No spamming in chat or mic.
  5. No bug abusing.
  6. No advertising.
  7. Do not pretend to be an admin/moderator.
  8. No cheating/hacks (such as aimbot).
In most cases players will receive a certain amount of warning(s) depending on the magnitude of the rule break, before a punishment is given. Please listen to the members of staff (admins/moderators) when they try to explain something to you.
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Re: Zombie Escape Rules

Post by Cruxell »

Rule Suggestions

- Add a no-camp rule which forbids humans from staying in one spot and disabling the zombies from progressing further. E.g. the vent in maya_god_final.
- Add a rule which forbids humans from sabotaging their teammates by closing doors in their face unless they are threatened by an imminent threat from zombies or opening doors from zombies, destroying planks under their teammates etc... This functions perfectly on one other ZE server where I play.
- Reduce knockback (how much they get knocked back after being hit) on zombies. They can easily be repelled back for a long time this way or knocked over bridges and stuff.

- Add an antidote and price it at 25,000 $. The antidote would work only f you're not behind all other zombies but still, I believe it should be added.
- Add some different zombie classes. VIP models would be appreciated as well.
- Increase jump for zombies, make them be able to jump as high as humans. Because of this, it is impossible to get into the final area for zombies on military v1 exp, or get out of the big water pit on ze project lg.
- Add a 10 second freeze period at the beginning of each round.
- Add a rule that if you're the only zombie, you aren't allowed to reconnect to make someone else a zombie.
I've suggested these rules a while ago here, and it would be nice if an admin could take a look at them. I've highlighted the absolutely mandatory ones in pink.
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