Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

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Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by Lien~ »

Dear community, it has taken a fair bit of time but we've held a Recruitment Meeting (only) earlier, the outcome is as follows;

  • Synth for our CS:GO team has been Accepted
  • Nai for our Zombie - Jail team has been Accepted
  • Ultor for our Jail team has been Accepted

  • Nai has been given back his permbantool earlier this month, but has now also been granted the ability to handle reports.
  • cPseudonym has been given the ** permban tool (09/09/2016)

  • Nallez has left our Jail team.
  • Apple has left our Jail team.
  • Konijn has left our Admin team.
  • Waschera has left our Admin team.
For those that got declined, you are free to try again later (when you think you're ready). It's not the end of the world, it also doesn't mean you'll never be able to become a part of our team. So chin up, work on the mentioned points. Contact me on steam if you wish to talk about your application, what's been said or what to do from here on.

We've not discussed any other points just yet, as discussing the above mentioned took quite some time and some of us had to leave. A new meeting will be held in 4 weeks time.

Thank you all, and our apologies for the long wait!

The Admin Team
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by Po!Nt »

congratulations for who got accepted and good luck for the extended , declined ones don't lose hope and try again in future , "nallez apple ko9" it's sad to see you guys leaving the team wish you all the best irl .

P.S did you forget to add waschera ? or he's in the team again ?
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by g0mik »

Gratz to the ones getting accepted. Sad to see Nallez, POOOOO, Waschera and Konijn leaving tho . .you guys did a great job! :clap:

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by cuddly teddy bear »

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You should live life to full potential by taking opportunities you are given.

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by Playboy »

Pleiboi was here.


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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Good Job all accepted ones, Queijo start being more open for all and not to quiet, im sure you can make it in the team too. To all declined ones don't lose your hope after a declined apply, just work harder and show them you can be part of the nD team too. Congratz du Nai and Synth that you both passed your trial.

See ya all in 3 months :D
Joke, sometimes all what takes longer will be better in the future.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by KING SNEL »

first meeting in ages that acually is good, grats to queen and decency i think both will do an awesome job, and the rest of those who got accepted grats to u also.
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by SiX »

Well, this is a small admin team. Thanks for the work you guys have done for the community (and the members).
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by vDou »

Didn't Andy also leave the team?
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by Shadi »

vDou wrote:Didn't Andy also leave the team?
As stated on his topic he decided to stay.

gz to all
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by zapt0r »

Congratz to the accepted ones :)
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by The Reporter »

Lien~ wrote: [*]Konijn has left our Admin team.
Konijn wrote: The admin team has decided to appoint an admin manager (Konijn). The purpose of this manager is to set minimum requirements for admins (activity, what is expected and what is required), to make sure these requirements are met and also to deal with any issues which may arise within the admin team. Feel free to contact me ( ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=3919 ) if you have any concerns with the admin team or anything neonDragon related you would like to talk to me about.

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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by Ezio^-^ »

Congratulations for new members and Kurochi =D
Its kinda sad to see waschera , koni :/
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by Apple »

Still waiting for kurochi/Nai to be promoted to admin position :pray:
Congratulations everyone. Hype and licious, don't give up. You will definitely be great candidates, you just need to work on your moderation skills, forum activity and try to be more friendly with everyone (aka you have to let go of your ego most of the times, remember its the internet so you won't prove anything to anyone by being egoistic).
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Re: Admin Meeting Outcome 08-09-2016

Post by MADLIFE! »

Ultor for our nD* Jail team has been Extended that was from the last meeting, How long til he knows ?
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