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Po!Nt's application

Post by Po!Nt »

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:116652176

- NickName : Po!Nt

- Age : 22

- Gender : Male

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : I have been admin in zombie server for more than 3 years , i have achieved the highest admin rank there which is Headadmin (first rank after owner) then after that it start getting boring to me and i found about JB and start playing JB all the time so i left that server .

- Average amount of time on our servers per day : sometimes 2-3 hours sometimes more .

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? I joined the forums a year ago sep 15 but i played few months before i registered :)

- Do you have a working mic? Yes ( not the best but yea ) .

- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.

Hello everyone my name is Mohammad and im 22 years old , I live in small country called Lebanon , i'm addicted to CS since i was little kid , i spend my time playing cs 1.6 - csgo - other games & phone games.. most of the time on pc playing .
From time to time i go out with friends and have some fun, go ride in car or walking somewhere .. if they're not busy , I like to go to the beach to swim on sunday , i like to go to cinema with friends if they got time , currently not working ( no job , but i should find one) i don't have school i quit long time ago (still regretting it ) i start working on losing weight :) lost 4kg in 20days i was so proud of myself when i knew that , well that's it i don't do much in my life but im working on changing it :)

- Motivation
I play here for long time now (JB) and when i play i feel like i'm home. I see a lot of rule-breakers ( teamkillers freekillers) and i want to help as much as i can. Of course the current Jail team is doing good work. But i do believe that you always need one more "hand" to help you with. Besides i speak arabic so i think i can be helpful in some cases because i can know if someone harassing in arabic and i can help people who doesn't understand english very well .

Notes : I know that i don't command every time i join ct team and that i don't report much but i will work on that :) .

Thanks for reading my application .
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by New Vape »

Hello point,
It's nice to see you applying for the Jail Team! nD* Jail | Po!Nt.
Mic perfect
Moderates ( Little )
Reports ( need to see more )

Your forum activities are pretty low

You have my vote it's a Yes and good luck with your application :dance:

one more thing when you get accepted transfer all your cash to me
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Hadi »

Hello Point my friend :D
Long time player
Great knowledge of the rules

Krek xd

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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by zapt0r »

Your application does not come as a surprise to me.


You have been here ever since I returned to neondragon. It took you some time for you to adapt and learn about all the rules, but now as you have become a steady regular you are familiar with how things work around here.

Greeting new players are something I see from you constantly. You explain the rules and make new players feel comfortable. You keep your calm ( to some point ) in heated situations and usually call an admin/member to the server if a problem can't be solved without an action taking place. You are well known within the community and to regulars as well as being liked by new players. You seem to get along with "non-steamers" which not always understand English - as you can also speak Arabic to communicate with them.

You have a lot of successful reports over the past. Even though not all of the reports are "public" - as you tend to call members, I would say your report history is decent. So over to rules, you seem to have a good understanding of the rules. Just a few flaws now and then but nothing big. Just spend a few moments of your time reading through the rules thoroughly.

I know your intentions are good. Your behaviour has been consistent since you got here with very little trolling and unacceptable behaviour. You are fair and treat everybody equally which is a big part of being a member. You are mature and don't lack authority.


-Public reports ( mentioned above )
- Try keep your calm, even when people are lashing out at you. I haven't seen this being a big problem, just a reminder as you sometimes take things personally.


- Forum activity, engage in various subjects/discussions, come up with ways or ideas to improve/strengthen the community to show your dedication to neondragon and its players.

- Commanding, you tend to only command when the server is not full. Try commanding more on a full server.

Overall you have my yes. Good luck with your application!
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Supercell »

Well hello Po!Nt my mate. I expected this apply of you already so here are my positive , neutral and negative things :


-Good commander
-Really kind guy (for example he is givinga lot of lrs to other people and trying to help people with their achievements)
-I never saw u harassing or something
-U moderate sometimes what is pretty good for being a member
- Experience: U have been admin before and I know you can catch hackers easy and quick (saw that on Jailbreak one time)
-Age: Ur age is good to be a member

Well I have more positive things to say , but that would be too much P:


-Try to be more active on forums as people already said. I know you are active sometimes ,but not Always
-Also try to report more people , cuz there are many rulebreakers at this time at JB


-Too pro :P

Well ... I think my decision is clear enough. Its absolutely a YES for me , even tho I didnt want u to apply for membership for no reason P:

Good luck with ur application bro ! Hope u get accepted
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by MicroChip »

-Mature and sensible
-Knows what he is doing
-Never seen him freekill teamkill or break rules
-Does not take one sided decisions in controversial situations
-Pays attention
-See him on the server almost daily

- Never seen him moderate the server but i trust he'll manage it


I dont know what importance would my opinion get as im not a member or a vip but just a jailbreak regular,I call it a smart decision to grant him membership

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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by voodoo »

Hello Point !


-Activity on game
-Good Mic
-Knowledge of rules


-Forum activity


My vote is Yes.

Good Luck!
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by g0mik »

Hey Po!Nt! I'm glad that you applied, imo you're one of the best guys around here and you will do just fine as a member.


- Friendly, helpful guy
- Mature
- English level is more than ok
- Good ruleknowledge
- Good report history (even tho he's not reporting atm, he's always calling a member when somenthing is wrong)
- He always did a good job as a VIP
- Never seen him broke a rule
- He's really paying attention to the chat when he's commanding (and when he's not)
- Moderating
- Really active in-game
- A guy you can rely on
- He's really funny and creative


- Forum activity (try boosting it up, as zappo said "engage in various subjects/discussions, come up with ways or ideas to improve/strengthen the community to show your dedication to neondragon and its players.")
- You can be a bit trollish sometimes, but i guess we all like having fun sometimes.


Accept this guy, he's going to do a very good job, he won't let you down. It's a Yes from me. Good luck w/ your application Po!Nt! I hope you get accepted.

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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Po!Nt »

Thanks for the feedback guys, I will make sure to improve the cons you mentioned.
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by tripleq »


- Friendly
- He is never abusing or harassing
- Good commander
- Helps others
- Knows the rules

- Nothing

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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Voropoulo »

Yo boint! I'm happy to see your application for jail member. I was waiting for it for a long time. Your English are understandable, you command when it needs on jb, your in game activity is more than good, I've you moderate a lot of times in game, you are mature, you are helping every single person who's gonna need help, you have never started or involved into a fight, your reports history is really good (here i wanna mention that he calls me very often for hackers) and now let's talk about your knowledge on rules. Don't know what to say. Even before i apply for membership you already knew almost all the vip and jb rules. When i had a doubt, point was the first person to ask. I know for sure that you are doing that cause you really care about the community and not because you want the "title". This guy deserves a chance. Definitely yes. Good luck mate. Take care xx
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Queen's Revenge »

Hello Point!


- Mature
- Moderates
- Motivated
- Speaks arabic (big big help!)
- Knows the rules pretty well


-Reports (You should report a bit more but I'm sure you're working to fix that!)


-None atm, I'll edit the cons if I see something that I should write here

It's a yes from me, I think you would do a good job. Goodluck Point!
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Lite sensei »

I waiting to see your application along time . Finnaly . Hmmm lest start . First you had provoke me alot before i leave .. bla bla just joking . A big big big no i meen yes . I hope that you join the team . They really need your help .
Cya .
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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Playboy »

Oh point my akhi :D


-Well known
-Old enough
-You stand out
-Old and active player
-Great rule knowledge




I think your a great guy with great motivation, it's a yes from me. I wish you good luck and may you long live and pawsperrrrrrr.


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Re: Po!Nt's application

Post by Lien~ »

Hi Point, we've just held a recruitment meeting but your application is too new. We decided to not discuss yours, to allow you time and not waste a possible extend. Looking at the responses it all seems to work in your favour though, but there is nothing we can do just yet.

As for my own vote, I'll get back to that later.

Good luck with your application!
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