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Re: Reapplying

Post by Lien~ »

Not much to say really. I have always seen great potential in you, and actually thought it was a right shame when you left the team. My only concern is for how long you will stay this time. But I guess we have to find out? My vote is a yes.

Good luck with your application!
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Re: Reapplying

Post by Veghan »

I could write a lot but this guy was one of the best members we had before. When others struggle to command he will find something new to command a good day.

You do have my vote Six.
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Re: Reapplying

Post by SiX »

Thanks everyone for the feedback. But on second though I wish to close this application, before the admins have to go through the work of discussing it. As of late my CS 1.6 activity has dropped again, and whenever I do take a look at both TTT and ZE, both servers are empty or played by only a few. Was fun playing while it lasted, but unfortunately, regardless of the outcome of this application, I just won't be active enough.
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Re: Reapplying

Post by Waschera »

Closed on Request
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