Happy Hour #2

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Happy Hour #2

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Hello Dragon Riders (http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=25942)

Discussion About
Happy Hour

There is some things i need to say about the Happy Hour #2 (noting important)
First map jb_snow
Second Map jb_community
Third Map jail_leyawiin
Fourth Map jb_hellfire_remake
Fifth Map jb_relaxx
If there is not full ct i`m sorry but i have to pick randomly to be ct (But if you don`t have a mic Sorry i won`t Chose you)

If you wanna add something Your Free to do that!
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Re: Happy Hour #2

Post by stickysteez »

It's called a happy HOUR (1 hour) but you wan't to play 4 maps?!

Have you ever participated in a happy hour?

Add me to steam, let me help you out hosting this event
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Re: Happy Hour #2

Post by KaKao »

Just an input of the maps you've chosen.
I believe the players would enjoy a "happy hour" on maps that aren't played that much or possible the "old school" maps. Whether or not you got many games, if you got a strong CT team and possible an admin present there's lots of stuff you can come up with. Just my opinion.

Hope it works out either way.
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