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Ibo--> application member

Post by E-prol »

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103035566 please read the lowest part ^^

- NickName: Ibo-->

- Age: 24

- Gender: Male

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work): wr3 cs 1.6 ugc server, and being vip for xp ND-jailbreak.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day: It depends, in my weekend i can say about 5 hours. ohter then that minimum of 3 hours since i work 40 hours /week

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?
I started as a non steamer in 2015, but i took a vacation and didnt play for 3 month. dec 2015 i started again with a steam account.

- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.

Sport ;
well, i am ibo :D 24 years old and i live in holland -. after i graduated from school i started with my job fulltime ( bank advisor ) . maybe knowing the bank ( ING ) XD anyway, beside that i like soccer and mostly Kickboxing. i train three times a week, and still do some matches.

i started cs 1.6 when i was like 17 years old. but played mostly deathmatch. and it still will be my fav game.
i dont know why maybe bcz i am oldfasion guy XD.

Gaming ;
I mainly play on Counter Strike, it gives me peace, even when ur killing hh. beside that i dont do much. except Battlefield.
when it comes to gaming, u can say i am a gamer but cant stand it to do it all day. like u have ppl who spend the day gaming, i cant. i need 2 hours to get outside.

Future ;
My futur is a problem, i want to many things but who wouldnt, I started a business with solar panels, and its not going well atm thats why i do concentrate on my other business, fasion shop. is hard work but it pays off when u do it right . i mean i have 3 imployees :D no work for me ( after 3 years hard working ofcourse )

Other random stuff ;
military guy ^^. for 2 years. quited bcz my crushed ribs.

Work ;

bank advisor , since 1 years ago. i like my work place, i mean who doesnt if u have 700 colleague, and the most are woman :P.
yea i got a girlfriend. ( watch dont touch )

- My motivation for helping to moderate our servers.
well, i was looking arround on forum and sa much applys. where evry single one says, to much cheat and members/admins arent doing anything. and i wud be the one who can fix it. well i am not that guy. because when i look to all members and admins i see team work. seriously i made some mistakes two in the beginning and one of the members/admins corrected me with first a warning then a kick. and after that, one other member/admin axplaind me why i was wrong. and learnd from it.

Team work and communications thats it and thats why i wanna join the team.
i love responsibility and try to fix problems. besides that i like to play fair !!

feel free to PM me or message me on Steam, I can counter criticism

( first off all thank u for the chance to apply, but let met tell u something about those comments, first off all KONTRA i wouldnt lie about my age, second, how do u know i dondt play 3-4 hours? mostly i am in th morning on, til 12 oclock. anyhow.

if we talk about being a grownup, then i completly drop my apply why? bcz sometimes u need funny moments bend rules and ignore them, if not it will be a shitty server.
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Re: Ibo--> application member

Post by flanky »

Going to start this off with a straight up nope.

Reading everything you've typed you type very immaturely (my girlfriend is hot), those type of things stand out. You're applying for powers in a community, not to become a model.

Adding onto that, you lack previous experience & I doubt you know what procedure to take out in the event of a troublemaker.

Gl in the future though.
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Re: Ibo--> application member

Post by Shadow Blade =) »

Its NO because you abused your vip
But Good Luck on Your Application
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Re: Ibo--> application member

Post by Cruxell »

Age (He says he's 24 but he seems extremely immature so I think he's lying)

Isn't familiar with the VIP rules
Abuses VIP (I successfully votekicked him just yesterday, for escaping with No-clip. He said that he doesn't know about that rule so clearly he hasn't read the rules. Someone who doesn't know the rules can't be a member)
New, inexperienced
He didn't say if he has got a microphone
Inactive on the forums
Doesn't moderate at all
Liar (he doesn't play 3/5 hours per a day)

It's needless to say this is a clear NOfrom me!
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Re: Ibo--> application member

Post by SenSei »

who are you?
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Re: Ibo--> application member

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Really Ibo a.k.a E-Prol???

so much VIP abusing...never tried to help the Community with anything and atleast that for what i feel shame
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so you apply for Membership in a (nD) community???

äääähhhhmm let me think....ääähhhmm 200% -NO-
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Re: Ibo--> application member

Post by Waschera »

There are too many thing you need to fix before even being considered member material.
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