hight ping at jail break

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hight ping at jail break

Post by Army life »

so today i was join on jailbreak but my ping is hight when i go spec it go 166 203 300 but when i play it go 1435 so i cant play anyone to fix it this is horible lag im not dowloading on other server my ping is good but on jail break no how i can fix it ??? or admin is behind this
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Re: hight ping at jail break

Post by ZeRo#1 »

today the Servers had some Troubles i think..so im sure it will be fixed next ;)
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Re: hight ping at jail break

Post by Wayne »

still running perfect zero stop telling shit that aint true :naughty:

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Re: hight ping at jail break

Post by Thorri »

"Location: ENGLAND"


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