Official Werewolf Rules

Werewolf is a detective party game that requires no software programs to play. New players are welcome.
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Official Werewolf Rules

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These are the official rules for the Werewolf Forums and official Discord. There are 10 simple rules you should follow if you want to play in a werewolf game.

If you would like to learn more about a particular rule, please click the spoiler beneath for the official wording.

1. Follow the rules when posting in this section. Link here.
1. Players will follow the terms and conditions whilst in the WW community sections. There are 3 small exceptions to this:

a. The restrictions on double/triple posting are somewhat relaxed. We understand that sometimes while hosting or playing the game it is necessary to double or even triple post. We ask that players not abuse this freedom -- and if the host of a game or the permamod team determines that a player is abusing this exception, the post(s) in question may be moved or removed without notice.

b. The multiple accounts rule does not apply to hydra accounts; however, these accounts are subjected to a different set of stringent rules. See Rule 9 for details.

c. The restrictions on insults are slightly relaxed here. Insulting other players in the heat of the moment can be acceptable at times. We understand that games can get intense, and tempers can run high -- however, we do not accept flaming other player's family, race, orientation, religion, or politics in this community. Such behavior is strictly unacceptable.

Real-life threats are strictly prohibited.

We also advise our players to be mindful of the difference between normal banter and malicious cruelty -- the host of any given game may ask you to remove offending posts if they are determined to cross the line between the two.

2. When you are playing in a game, follow all rules the host has posted.

a.Players will follow all rules posted in the thread by its respective host(s).
b. Players will post actively in the games in which they play. Most hosts have rules specifying an amount of time a player may be inactive before being modkilled.
3. Don't quote host PM's without permission.
3. Players will not directly quote (including screenshots) private communication with the host(s) of a game without permission while the game is running.

4. If you're dead or not playing in a game, do not interfere with the living players without permission.
4. Players not playing in a game (including dead players, if the host does not allow dead players to speak) will not post, PM, or communicate game-related information or opinions without the permission of the host, and will not conduct themselves in any way to be obstructive to the host or players in the game. Players that have signed up to replace inactive players will follow this rule until they have been officially added into the game.

Note: Posts such as "popcorn" .gifs, short spectatorial posts, "translation" posts, and small novelty stunts are usually permitted-- provided they are not excessive and do not give away anything about the game-- but players are advised to check with the host before posting these, and such posts must be deleted or edited out should the host request it.

5. If you have forum powers, do not abuse them to edit others' WW posts.
5. Players with the power to edit others' posts will not abuse this power to gain an advantage in game.

6. If you think a host has done something wrong, talk with the host about it first. If they fail to address the matter, wait until the game is over, and then show your evidence to the permamod team.
6. If a player believes a host has broken a hosting rule in an official game they will gather conclusive evidence and speak with the host first. After confronting the host privately, if the player still believes the host (or hosts) has not rectified the problem adequately, the player will wait until the game is finished and bring their concern (and evidence) to the permamod team.

If a player decides to disrupt the game by initiating a significant fight with the host in public, their claim risks being automatically denied by the permamods. If, however, the host initiates a public conflict with a player, said player may retaliate with their own argument(s) in public without consequence.

7. Don't abuse bugs with the forum or with GERTY or TARS the forum bot.
7. Players will not deliberately abuse bugs or glitches with the forums in general or in public posts by GERTY the forum bot.

Additionally, players will be respectful of the bot's capabilities and will not attempt to break or disable it (For example: "400 votes in one post, let's see if we can fuck with GERTY lol" posts-- and then sitting around complaining when the bot has to be fixed >.>).

8. Don't vote in community polls unless you've played at least 1 game. Additionally, please don't artificially inflate votes.
8. Unless otherwise stated, to vote in community polls a player must be at least a Beginner player (see: ) and must not be under a player ban.

Additionally, players will not manipulate or inflate results by using alternate accounts or hydra accounts to vote.

9. Players using a Hydra account must follow the terms and conditions listed here:

10. If you have a question about the rules, feel free to ask for help from a Permamod.
This is more of a guideline (unless you're hosting, then it's mandatory), but generally, the permamod team is going to try and help you stay in the clear.
You must disregard the statement I am currently making because every statement I make is inherently false.


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