New Jailbreak LR's

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New Jailbreak LR's

Post by 25142 »

I feel like the LR's on jailbreak havn't been changed in 10 years, so lets introduce some new ones? Here's one suggestion for me, what about if a terrorist becomes a monster with a lot of HP, quick speed and higher jumping ability ; the CT's are then given infinite ammo to whatever gun they are holding - I think this would be cool no? if you could also introduce a skin with this LR so that it makes it a lot cooler ; and the darkness affect that affects the whole map?

What do you guys think? here's an example of what the monster should look like -


Anyone got any other suggestions?
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Sloth »

I remember when i played in fragaholics we had a lot of fun lr's my favourites were lasertag and paintball, they could also work as fundays! Would love to see them here aswell ... 7136&hilit
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

Paintball would be pretty badass
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Flath »

You should add links to some plugins guys, would make your posts more relevant :)

25's ideas could be great if it takes the zombie's funday place for instance. Worst funday imo and get picked often

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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Waschera »

Well there is already a similar lr, which is nightcrawler. It's only for vip's but it's pretty much the same thing. Freshening it up isn't a dumb idea. Give the ct's infinite ammo, but they have to reload and i think your idea could be very cool. As well as maybe adding the two sloth suggested.
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by CammY -fs- »

I have access to most of the ex-Fragaholics plugins and the ones that Sloth said I have the codes for which I could give to Xalus and he can optimise it. Most of them were pretty cool lrs, fundays etc. :3
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by KING SNEL »

cowboy lr/m3 s4s/ smoke toss is pretty nice
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by 25142 »

These sort of threads really just get pushed to the side and go unnoticed.. people making some good points but won't be seen.
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Xalus »

Not changed, I remade the system few months ago :rage:
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Shadi »

I'll bring up that we could maybe need new LRs up in the meeting, see what ideas they can think of and what's possible to implement.
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Makita »

You can compare it with Rambo mode. The only difference is that it's not a person you have to eliminate, but it's a zombie. If there would be added some zombie sounds, different kind of zombie. Just like on in the picture, then it would be pretty neat.

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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by stickysteez »

What about an Protect the VIP funday. Ct against T. 1 ct will be the VIP with 100 hp and will only recieve USP without armor. Other CT gets 200 hp and have to protect the vip. T gets 100 hp and guns.

Or you can change it and let the CTs only use a shield and protect the vip; vip gets guns with armor.
T get guns.

Could be funny
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by PiPi »

long jump, smoke toss, s4s with more guns etc, paintball
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by uhu »

don't we already have enough /lr's? what about the same maps over and over, the same simon says over and over
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Re: New Jailbreak LR's

Post by Majin Vegeta #BB »

Yeah it should be possible where if a map was played, then it cannot be voted for for at least 2-3 rounds so the less popular maps can be played

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