Ghost - Deathrun

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Ghost - Deathrun

Post by CoLDbLooD »

In the deathrun server, I would like to make a suggestion.
Like in the jailbreak server, we have /ghost for the players to explore the map/practice the games, I was thinking maybe the admin's can add it to the deathrun server too! Because some people may find a trap very hard and would like to practice it, rather than wait for the round to end and risk to die whereas he can try and may succeed in passing the trap
For e.g :- in the map deathrun_ice many people can't get through the three hole rotating stuff, but if they practice they can get through it.

I hope the admins like this suggestion and will atleast try it out.
Thank you.
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Re: Ghost - Deathrun

Post by Pukata »

Added the plugin on DR for a trial period, so lets hope server is stable while it is on.

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