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Foxy's 1st application

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

-Steam ID-

-Steam profile-


20 year old, born in June ‘94


-Experience Level (including any previous admin work)-
No previous experience as moderator unfortunately, but I suppose there is a first for everything. Besides, I am quite a quick learner.

-Average amount of time on our servers per day-
I usually play at least 6 hours a day, Sundays I might be inactive since I attend church. But yeah, everyday about 6-7 hours, at times I can even reach 10 hours.

-Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?-
At the very beginning of September 2014, I was browsing the servers list and I found nD Deathrun by pure chance. It was the friendliness of the people, and the level of professionalism of the servers that got me to stick to this community, and get addicted :(

-Do you have a working mic?-
Yes, I do.

-A little bit more about Foxy|Lady-

A brief introduction can also be found in the presentation I made when I joined, but I shall provide some info about me here as well.
My real name is Naomi, but I prefer to be called Foxy around here, it’s like my new identity haha! Actually, I have 2 forenames: Naomi Alexandra - just to clear out the confusion for people I’ve introduce myself to as “Alex”. I was born and raised in a small town in the North-East of Romania, but moved to UK in September 2013 after finishing highschool, for further higher education, with hope in my heart for a better life, and a new start. I started my first year of Biomedical Engineering in uni, but after finishing it I dropped out due to various reasons, and now I am applying again for something else to start in September this year. Probably Computing Science and maybe also Mathematics alone, since I absolutely love Maths, could easily do it all day everyday :D.
As most of you know, I am married, actually celebrated our first anniversary this December. For those who are curious, we don’t have any children yet, no. But we’re planning on starting a family in the following years, after I finish university and get a job. Who knows what the future holds eh?

-Some of my hobbies/passions-

Apart from playing CS all day long, there are other stuff that I do too! (unbelievable, I know)
I like to cook and bake sometimes, have this passion from my mum probably, since she worked as a cook for over 20 years, and always cooked and baked delicious stuff for us. Since she passed away, I sort of had to take over cooking and that’s how I found out I actually very much enjoy doing it. We also used to watch a lot of cooking shows together and she’d guide me through what people are doing wrong, and stuff. I learnt quite a lot from her, and am still on a learning path.

Also, I have a great passion for music. I love to sing and always seek improvement and the achievement of perfection(yeah, good luck with that). I like to spend my time studying other artists, their vocal range, their vocal techniques, even though I don’t know very much musical theory, but I always try to learn more about it and I try my best. Even though my voice is not that beautiful, it’s actually quite average, my ear is quite sensitive and I believe I am quite talented in this area. I’ve also studied guitar for 3 years, and my professor told me at some point : don’t flatter yourself now, but I haven’t had such a talented student like you in years.. So yeah, this I can be proud of :D. At some point I was actually considering following the path towards vocal coaching (career wise), but I couldn’t bear the thought of having a career that lacks maths.

-Why apply? Motivation-

I won’t try to make myself look good or to impress anyone, but I’ll rather be honest with you.
The reason for which I want to become a member is to help the community, and especially Deathrun, since it is the server I play most on , and the abuse that is going on is massive. Playing the whole day, there isn’t always a member there to moderate, and I can’t really call someone because a player is giving freerun to his friend or is bug abusing. I always try to moderate, and explain the rules to the players that seem to not be obeying them, but there is so much I can do as a regular.

Since I am a very friendly person, a lot the regulars that come on Deathrun, from which a lot of nonsteamers, know me already, and usually listen to me when I moderate. But there are plenty of times when the players that are rulebreaking are either refusing to listen to me, or simply don’t understand English, so my moderation without powers is in vain at these times..

It also very frequently happens that people come to me when in need of guidance or ask me to call a member/admin, and even more than that, I’ve found myself very often in the situation in which someone comes to me because a player is harassing them or breaking the rules, asking me to take action and slay them, or warn them.. at which point I find myself with my hands tied.

Although I mostly play on Deathrun, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be able to help when someone from another server comes to me for help. I also visit Jailbreak, TTT and Deathmatch once in a while, and I can say I am familiar with every server's rules and gameplay, and I could always try my best to help when needed.

Since I have so much free time until uni starts, and I am so active, I might as well be of help to this community.

Thank you for reading, feel free to ask me any questions, and please, don’t hesitate to state your opinion :)
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Flath »

you are a friendly player enjoying your time on nD and bringing a funny and enjoyable athmosphere.
Even though you are quite new; you managed to get yourself known in a good way on all nD servers and also on forum where you seem omnipresent. The only trouble you had was with silver shadow once and this is solved now since you are friends again. I have already seen you moderate on deathrun and i can say you are doing a pretty good job but your lack of reports make me doubt your dedication to the community ?

You say you are a good asset but you don't report cheaters and you need to be able to spot cheaters if you were to be a member.

This is my only con for now so my vote will be a yes if you start reporting more.
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Rumey_ »

Hello Foxy, nice to see you applying!

I don't actually know you, but from what I have seen, you're a friendly, kind, helpful and funny person (to play with)!
Like I said to you earlier this week on the server, I think you would be a great member. Goodluck with your apply, and absolutely a YES from me! :)
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Modz »

You applying :shock:
Ok let's start
-Funny :trollface:
-Active In servers & forum
-Didn't give me 100K$ :megusta:
Nah, but for real I have NONE.

My vote is YES
Good luck with your application
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Wongerz »

Hi foxy I have seen you on the deathrun and jailbreK server from time to time and I see some good stuff which of course is said already but the only things I would say for you to improve on is

- I feel that trolls may come to you and in some situations you may be a bit annoyed and however of you I hunk this could be easily improved by you.

Handling server on you own
- I don't know if you could handle a server on your own linking in with trolling.

- I mean post where it's important e.g in the runner section, suggest new ideas etc but it's more about quality over quantity and post when needed so don't focus about when you need to post so much as I see this as not as important for when applying for member. (But yeah suggestion I see you post a lot in the other stuff)

Getting to know people more
- not quite sure if everyone knows you that well

My vote on this occasion will be an extend / yes

This means the admin and members can see how you do over the course of the month.

Once again good luck to you on this application!
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Jokur »

Nice to see you apply :)
Knows the rules
You'd be a great member :D
A big YES :D :D :D
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by doeda »

Uhh, I think you could be a good member, but only with guidance from -experienced members/admins-.
^ By this I mean you're rather new, how would u handle trollers on JB when someone asks you to join and moderate? Will your actions sometimes depend on your mood?

other than that I'd think you'd be an good addition to the team if you know how this and that works within the community.

Also, maybe try to join different servers once in a while they could need your help with the current lack of members at some servers..

Also, I have never seen u moderate on any server perhaps it could be because I don't join DR THAT often but yeah I haven't seen it yet..

Extended/ yes
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by QuErza! »

Knows the rules
Shes hella Active

As sloth said, if someone deserves a member spot in Runner team its foxy ^^

i vote yes! Gl with your application foxy :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by T-bone »

Foxy|Lady wrote: -Gender-
Congratulations, welcome to the neonDragon Team.
so it's not spam:
based on your forum activity you seem mature enough, can't comment on your in-game behaviour although everyone seems to have only good things to say about you. good luck I'll give you a blank
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Shadi »

  • Active; really active in-game and hyperactive on the forums/chatbox
    You aren't as active as stated on the application unless you include TeamSpeak/staying online on Steam as activity. However, it doesn't really matter given you're more than active enough on the servers.
  • Stands out positively + well-known
    You have presence everywhere (steam/servers/TS/chatbox) and you are easily one of the most noticeable people in the community. - This gives authority.
  • Friendly/outgoing
    I see you're always friendly towards people when I'm around at least. You show them respect and that's a really good member trait that seems somewhat absent to a lot of people these days.
  • You know the ropes
    You seem to know the rules and where what is and how to do this and that. I have also seen you tell a couple of people where to post stuff.
  • Charismatic
    You seem to have a large friend circle and get along with most. Somewhat like me in that aspect. I talk to a lot of groups and people and hear the people they complain about and there hasn't been a lot of bad stuff about you.
  • Mature
    You are naturally mature because of your age and you have experienced some things in life that I believe could be useful for when you're moderating. I believe you can use that maturity turn it into moderation experience and thus moderate accordingly.
  • Communication
    Your English is sufficient and is definitely understandable enough to always get your point across. Both written and orally.
  • Composed
    You always seem chilled out and relaxed, not only is this a good image to have but it can also help you do things correctly and not seem like a mad moderator or someone too strict. This helps when a server is heated up and you have to try to take control and cool people down.
  • Dedication
    It seems like you've wanted member for a long time but always patiently waited until it seemed like people would think it's a good idea instead of being impatient like most people are. So it doesn't seem power hungry and it doesn't seem like you'll be begging it to be promoted again and again once you're member and I hope it'll stay like that. Some people get blinded by a potential admin spot for instance. + your application seems above average, that's another sign of dedication.
  • Competence
    I've had conversations with you where I can tell you're competent and can analyse stuff well and deal with it after analysis, try to bring out that less appearing ability out in public if you'll become a moderator!
Well nobody's perfect so enough flattering!

  • Moderation
    I heard from sources I trust that you're a little lacking here (but since I'm not sure I'll leave it as a neutral), but I talked to you on Steam and you said you've been working on it and that you're aware so as long as you proceed doing that I guess we're all good.
  • Lack of experience
    Don't think you'll completely be able to handle a full server on your own to begin with, but hopefully with time this'll solve itself as you gain experience!
  • Reports
    I haven't seen a successful non-cheater report from what I can remember from you. It's a good way to show that you know when someone needs to get banned/punished and show that you know how to handle an individual. You seem to have solved a few cheater cases though, which is good.

Your pros heavily outweigh your neutrals and cons in my eyes and therefore I can only say yes. I said for a long time I'd support you with this so yeah this is my way of doing it.

One thing I do fear a bit, I couldn't put it as a pro/con/neutral since it isn't factual but it's an assumption. I believe you might show partiality. You are really close to your buddies on neonDragon and I reckon you might try to be too nice to them even if they break the rules.

Good luck with your application, don't think you need it though.

- Shadi peacin' out.

Oh and for Foxy:

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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by R1CKY[JJ] »


Where do I start? In one month time you become one of my closest friends here on nD. After we played some hours on Deathrun we had some good conversations on steam and I had the possibility to get to know you some more. Yes Jellow, you probably see this coming, I'm going to say YES. First of all you are a overall friendly player and in a very short term you became very known around here on nD. It's also hard to miss you because of your abnormal high activity but I think you create a good atmosphere on server when you are online and that's why everybody notice you. You are very social ingame both on chat and mic. By now you are really aware of the rules and I also did see you moderate time by time. Even suprised me people actually listened to you when you warned them the other day on Deathrun when I joined. Good to see.

As for the neutrals/cons I can see doeda's point. When there are no members online can you handle certain situations on different servers? Besides that you said you find it hard to notice a cheater. Deahtrun is not a heaven for cheaters but try to get known with the tricks the cheaters use so you can easily caught them in future. This small cons/neutrals are the only things I could come up with.

Overall I think you are ready for it. Good luck! :)
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Konijn »

Imagine you've been made a member, you're on deathrun and there is a T giving a friend of his a freerun while pressing traps for others.

Can you please outline the steps which you would take?
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

Thank you so much everyone for your replies so far! I very much appreciate it.
Just thought I should mention some stuff, as a reply to your concerns.

I have to admit my biggest flaw/con is regarding the reports. Since I mostly play on Deatrun, there is not much to report there, so that quite explains the lack of reports. Also, as Ricky said, I am not the best at spotting cheaters on my own, but I believe I can learn this rather fast, and I will try my best to work on it.

I will try to moderate more and be more active on other servers as well, and perhaps work on my reports.

Also, Jubia and doeda, I see your concern regarding my sensitivity towards being trolled and the possibility of me acting on my moods/feelings. Even though I can sometimes get mad when I am heavily trolled and/or harassed(it has happened sometimes when I tried to moderate -_-), I never act on it, like for example I wouldn't abuse my potential powers and severely punish whoever does me wrong. I have been, and still am working on not letting myself get trolled, or get affected by harassers.

Ah and regarding the forum posts, I had on my mind suggesting some new maps for Deathrun, but somehow never got myself to do it. I will work on it.

Again, thanks for your support and suggestions! Looking forward to more :D

Oh, by the time I finished writing this, I saw your reply Konijn.
Konijn wrote:Imagine you've been made a member, you're on deathrun and there is a T giving a friend of his a freerun while pressing traps for others.

Can you please outline the steps which you would take?
What I would do is talk to the T and tell him to not give freerun to only one person even if he's his friend, since it is not allowed, and that he should go and try to kill him. If he refuses to listen to me, I'd warn him saying that if he does not try to kill his friend by pressing the traps, I will slay him. I would give him a little bit of time and if he still does not try to kill him, I would slay him. After I had slain him, I would explain to him again why I slain him, and tell him again that next time he should not give freeruns like that, or he will get slain again. If he wants to give freerun, he should do it by typing /freerun at the beginning of the round.
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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by el mano »

hahahaha guess admins can break their own rules !!! :happy-wavemulticolor: :happy-wavemulticolor:

anyways foxy you are liked in this community, plays deathrun alot, knows the rules, moderates decent from what i seen when i played

deserves member

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Re: Foxy's 1st application

Post by Maki »

Admins vote at the meeting anyhow and explain their opinion there so it doesn't really matter aside from perhaps the fact that the applicant doesn't get the feedback on topic instantly..

I don't really know you foxy but you generally seem well behaved and have had barely any trouble with anyone here. You seem level headed and have all the qualities required to become a member I believe, I can't judge the way you moderate since I don't play but I don't think you should've trouble adapting or listening to advice since you seem to take into account everyone's replies.

Good luck :).

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