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Post by LaZy »

Steam ID :STEAM_0:1:322934

- Nickname LaZy

- Age : 23

- Gender : Male
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Re: Apply

Post by KING SNEL »

copy paste from old apply. Om inte du blir accepterad är nd riggat svär

-Knows the rules
-Using your vip menu when no members around

-Trolls sometimes. I don't see this as a problem sence you only trolling your friends but I don't know how others takes it.
-You command when there is a NEED of a commander. But you gotta step it up and command on your own will.

-I don't see any cons other then I wrote in neutrals that I know you can change.

You play late nights and command when there is no commander around witch keeps some players online. Seeing you have a daughter and all I see you above the mature level and I think you would fit in the jail team. So you got my YES.
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Re: Apply

Post by farfar »

Hello Lazy, nice to see you applying.

You are a very mature guy that helps when he is around, and also you have been here for a while so you know how to handle situations etc. So you have my support. Only thing is as mentioned above, when you "troll", don't know how it is seen by other people. But yeah ... you know i support you for this :). So YEs from mee . ;)
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Re: Apply

Post by Flath »

I always wondered why you weren't a member, you are one of the most active, you always answered to all my questions as a new player when i had a doubt and you used to troll in a good way.
For me it would be a yes and it will always be if you are not VIP abusing again or doing some sh*ts you may regret later.

Concerning your moderations, you are a quiet but respected guy who can stand out of the crowd when something needs to be said.
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Re: Apply

Post by Swink^ »

You're the guy that have helped me and answer my question etc.
Ex: When I needed help to post the bugg on forum you helped me on all simple ways.
You sound like a good guy and I see you as a good guy.
You got my yezz LaZy :)
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Re: Apply

Post by Thor »

I'd say your good at basically everything but the things that let you down is your authority which lacks sometimes, whether you could handle a full server(full of friends and trollers) and whether you're determined to work hard this time. I'm going to say yes leaning towards a no. Good luck
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Re: Apply

Post by dArra;] »

If you just stay motivated this time, I think you deserve a chance.
You are active jb player and that's what jailbreak really needs now.
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Re: Apply

Post by SiX »

Though things might have changed by now, I'm not impressed by how I remember you.
You used to play around as CT, keeping the ts locked in their cells, randomly freenading, lying yourself out of situations and alot more.
When I saw your apply come up again, the natural answer would of course be a no from me.

Yes, it's indeed months ago and I haven't been playing with you alot recently to see your current standards.
However, my negative view of you will follow, regardless to whether or not you're accepted as a member until I myself see the changes with my own eyes.
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Re: Apply

Post by Lien~ »

I still very much agree with my conclusion I posted on your previous application; I voted yes during that meeting and I will vote yes now as well. I think you deserve to be given a shot so you can show us all that you're worth the spot. Good luck with your application Lazy boy!
Lien~ wrote:Ok, I will be completely honest and will, here and there, steal some things of other people. Hope yous don't mind!

  • You are above the required age to apply.
  • Nice application. I like that you included a lot of personal stuff in there!
  • Ok English.
  • Your forum activity is ok.
  • Your in-game activity is scarily high. You alone have played more than half the time of ALL jb members together lol. Not sure whether it's healthy, but it for sure shows you like jb haha!
  • You have a mic and command. This has bettered a lot since the last few days/weeks. Well done!
  • You are known by a lot, if not all jailbreakers/regulars. + The crew of course!
  • You know how to report.
  • You play on all servers and that is a huge pro for me!
  • I've seen you help out but you could and definitely should improve on this. Jailbreak is a very communicative server in need of members that know what they are doing and aren't afraid to explain the rules and guide people where needed.
  • Rule knowledge is a bit so-so. I know you know the rules but I don't always see you abide by them. You sometimes don't seem to care when you break one and that should definitely stop, as of now! I haven't seen you do this during the last week so this might've already changed!
  • Not sure if you are 23 or 12. Naa jokes. You can be immature sometimes but I guess that's a well known issue among 95% of the lads we have here in nD ;)
  • Not sure if you are ready to handle a full server by yourself. You can be afk sometimes and I wouldn't want to see you handle a case half assed because you missed parts of it.

Yo Lazy, to be completely honest this application came as a right shocker to me. You like to troll, and get trolled and troll even more, even after having trolled 7 out of the 5 hours you were in-game. And on top, you like to troll after you trolled a troll. Now, I don't really mind and I deliberately took my time before I decided to reply because at first it felt as though this app was a right joke (sorry for that). But, after having observed you for the last few weeks I came to mind that you are actually genuine. You like to mess around here and there, you aren't afraid to say what's on your mind. I am a bit in doubt as to how you would handle Brooklyn (as he is your irl mate) but apart from him I am pretty confident that you will treat people equally. Work on the mentioned points Lazy and you will achieve so much more. I guess some people have this particular image of you, try to prove them wrong! My vote is a yes, but only if you stick to what you are doing now. Don't fall back in your old patterns as I will flip my vote around in no time.

Good luck with your application!
SiX wrote:However, my negative view of you will follow, regardless to whether or not you're accepted as a member until I myself see the changes with my own eyes.
How much I respect your opinion, you and you alone are the only one that can change the view you have of him. Lazy has majorly improved and although I understand your opinion (I would've probably thought the same if it wasn't for me having noticed his changes over-time), but I think you should try to be a bit more active because I am very confident that your view will flip around once you start to see them for yourself :)
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Re: Apply

Post by Styx »

Hi LaZy!

You've improved since your last apply, if not much, you've done what's needed. I do however see you not following the rules sometimes. But hey, who doesn't? At this moment, you are the very best candidate for the member spot, and granting you the membership wouldn't be a bad decision. Your English isn't perfect, but understandable, you command whenever you should and your activity is great. I don't see you moderating a lot though, especially the swedes (Don't know if you don't for a reason?)

All in all my vote will be a yes, good luck.
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Re: Apply

Post by kami (GER] »

(updating list as i see you in the server)

- is that you read the chat and do that even if you might die for it. you aint missing out much of whats going on there i assume.

- is that when you command there seems to be not enough detail in what the ts have to do, so they receive warnshots for not understanding what to do. should be easy to fix.
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Re: Apply

Post by yämm »

-Knows the rules
-Using your vip menu when no members around




If you're behavin like you are now, you should be a excellent member. You have my support, gl.
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Re: Apply

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Hello Lazy,

I've had my doubts about you because of the simple explanation that you have changed attitude so many times. First you're one of the most motivated guys ever and you where a good member example then suddenly at the end....you go back to this trollish behavior which was very noticeable at the end of your last application.

I don't know you irl nor do i know what you're up to but for me it seems like you change attitude so many times. The regulars are looking for a member that spends their time on moderating and not only using the powers the seem like the bigger person. Will you still be that motivated guy you are now if you get accepted?

That's one of the main things that i've focused on you. Otherwise like i said you would be a good in-game moderator but i would still like to see you command alot more.
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Re: Apply

Post by Karn »

Hello Lazy , one of your main pro's is that you've been around here for a long time now , you've seen people come and go and your activity has never really decreased no matter how the jailbreak status was. Like other people that expressed their concerns about your behaviour , I'd also want to make sure that your trollish behaviour is dominated by the member profile that should dedicate himself to the greater good of the server and community, I'd also like to see you command more often , and interract with different people (not necessairly your friends) in different situations. Good luck Lazy , I believe in you!
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Re: Apply

Post by Wongerz »

Hi Lazy its glad to see you apply so here is what I have got to say then...


You got the required age to apply.
Decent application.
English is good but could be improved but that would be improved through socializing around nD anyway.
Your forum activity is OK.
You have a mic and you do command but I want to see you command more obviously.
You have reported in the past and you do this well.
Your in-game activity is very high and that is good because Jb want members at night to look around.


Moderating I would say is OK but I agree with Lien you need to interact with people a bit more its a very communicative game so yeah.
Immature at times but yes mature most of the time.

Probably handling a full server on your own.


Lazy I know you have already got extended and that is what I would have said to give you more time in those things but yes you still have a lot of pros so please use this time wisely to improve and if it goes right then definitely Yes for me.

This is what I said on your last application butI will edit this later.
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