First game

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First game

Post by Macho Man »

what is the first game, you played when you started gaming and such.
my was the pokemon game for the gameboy :).

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Re: First game

Post by BabyPandaYOU »

Super Mario on nintendo 64
Command and Conquer: Tiberum sun
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Re: First game

Post by Starzy »

not sure if it was zelda or supermario on gameboy color, i know i played pokemon in gameboy advance a couple years later

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Re: First game

Post by R1CKY[JJ] »

Duke Nukem 2d, Prince of Persia 2d, and Normality (that was so awesome!)
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Re: First game

Post by Flath »

Rayman 2 , bugs bunny, adibou

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Re: First game

Post by bilkacem :3 »

Flath wrote:Rayman 2 , bugs bunny, adibou
LOol :D same as me
rayman2 , mario , Prince of persie (first version)
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Re: First game

Post by bis »

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Re: First game

Post by GuuhaN »

Pokemon Yerrow :megusta:
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Re: First game

Post by Jellow »

Castle adventure, back when you used DOS on ur pc.... God im old...

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Re: First game

Post by Shadi »

I think it was Roller Coaster
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Re: First game

Post by mange2 »

mario kart 64 on the nintendo 64, i remember playing Yoshi all the time and getting wrecked by my older brother playing fucking Toad.
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Re: First game

Post by Antti »

I think it was command and conquer and such. :D I still remember when i was so young and played whole day againts bots :D
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Re: First game

Post by kami (GER] »

The lion king and aladin from a disquette
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Re: First game

Post by ChillerBiller »

My very very first game i played was this one, :

I played it while driving in the backseat of the car, i played it while taking a bath, i played it befor i vent to sleep, and sometimes even at normal daytime when my parents weren't at home... haha good old times xD I don't even know how old i was but i think i was like 4 years old...but i still know how i had nightmares at night because of the firespitting lion at the end of level 2 :P
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Re: First game

Post by el mano » which i started play when i was 8 years old lmao

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