[Accepted] [Jail]Black Boy ....

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[Jail]Black Boy ....

Post by Hyperion »

Nickname in-game : black boy
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) :
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : Log of console + members online
Facts noticed : Racism and foul language
NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005
Server IP address
Connecting to ...
Connection accepted by
black boy : DAY?
nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : fd I assume
black boy : not answering the black man
Beast7 killed Sparky~ with awp
black boy : well fuck u
black boy : beast ur voice makes me horny
Beast7 killed black boy with deagle
black boy : ur black right?
*DEAD* black boy : guys
*DEAD* black boy : i dont wanna harass
*DEAD* black boy : but sometimes i get mad
*DEAD* black boy : SO SUCK A DICK
*DEAD* black boy : revive
*DEAD* black boy : revive?
*DEAD* black boy : mayb
*DEAD* black boy : im breathin innnnnnnnnnnnn
nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : !warn black harass
>nD> black boy got warned by nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra for Abuse (Harassment) |nD* jail|
*DEAD* black boy : WHAT
*DEAD* black boy : !?
nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : Try to mind your language.
*DEAD* black boy : im trying
*DEAD* black boy : but i will just remember how my brothers died
*DEAD* black boy : from a gang attack
*DEAD* black boy : from another gang'y
*DEAD* Hyperion : ....
*DEAD* black boy : i get angry
*DEAD* black boy : SO SUCK A DICK
*DEAD* black boy : jk
*DEAD* black boy : yjkkk
*DEAD* black boy : im in da crips
*DEAD* black boy : blood shit
SenSei : ur in the crips but playing cs
*DEAD* Hyperion : isnt Racism bannable ?
*DEAD* black boy : lol six vettu hur ja roar mig? ja kollar pa vad min kusin skriver medans ja kakar pizza
*DEAD* black boy : han leker thug
*DEAD* black boy : guys its not me typin all this its my cousin soo ye / junior
*DEAD* black boy : swag
*DEAD* black boy : NOOOW im going to eat
*DEAD* black boy : brb'
*DEAD* black boy : NOBS
*DEAD* black boy : NOOBS
*DEAD* black boy : ni
*DEAD* black boy : guys anyone here knows a drug dealer?
*DEAD* black boy : my drug dealer died
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : blackboy
*DEAD* black boy : i shot him
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : blackboy
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : im am
*DEAD* black boy : he was tryna fucking rob me
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : i have all shits
*DEAD* black boy : pot?
*DEAD* k.dot : ghetto thug
*DEAD* black boy : mr shitty bluee
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : want weed ?
*DEAD* black boy : u got pot
*DEAD* Kratos : I have weed too
*DEAD* black boy : well idiot pot is fucking weed
*DEAD* black boy : dummy
*DEAD* k.dot : kratos where u live?
*DEAD* black boy : fuck herion
*DEAD* black boy : thats for white ppl
*DEAD* black boy : blavk ppl only smoke
*DEAD* black boy : and drink
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : im not withe
*DEAD* black boy : hello brother
*DEAD* black boy : these maddafakkas are rude right?
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : reason heres my dick --------------------------------o
*DEAD* black boy : dont let them take the black out of u
*DEAD* Makita^ : Blackboy stop harassing.
*DEAD* k.dot : and anyone can come in a coffee shop and buy?
*DEAD* Kratos : yes
*DEAD* black boy : makita how am i harassing
*DEAD* black boy : im talking about drugs
*DEAD* Makita^ : Suck a dick!
nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : It's not about direct harassments
*DEAD* black boy : when did i say that

*DEAD* black boy : 5 min ago
nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : you're doing unnecessary statements
*DEAD* Makita^ : Black boy?
*DEAD* black boy : what
*DEAD* black boy : i said that 5 min ago
*DEAD* black boy : its like 1 year ago in black ppl year
*DEAD* Makita^ : isn't it harassing.
*DEAD* Makita^ : You did harass in the morning too.
nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : No shit?
*DEAD* black boy : ask me why
*DEAD* Makita^ : I already reported you my friend.
*DEAD* black boy : idiot wouldnt you be mad if u dont have pot
*DEAD* black boy : to smoke
*DEAD* black boy : ???!?!?!
SenSei : black boy stop acting cool
SenSei : ur like 11
*DEAD* black boy : im 11
*DEAD* black boy : ?
*DEAD* Makita^ : I already reported you, now only the answer, because i didn't like your behaviour at all.
*DEAD* black boy : makita me?
*DEAD* Makita^ : I already told Six about it.
*DEAD* Makita^ : yes.
*DEAD* black boy : u mean moodoo?
*DEAD* black boy : im not momondo
Bokito : dead.
*DEAD* black boy : kratos that aint harassing fella
*DEAD* black boy : thats the truth
*DEAD* black boy : about makitas life
*DEAD* black boy : -.
*DEAD* Kratos : he reported someone
*DEAD* SenSei : that ur a virgin?
*DEAD* Kratos : and used that as a 'harrasment
*DEAD* black boy : BACK / junior
*DEAD* Makita^ : Blackboy just stop it man, no one likes it.
*DEAD* black boy : hmm?
*DEAD* black boy : what
*DEAD* PiPi : blackboy = juni0r
*DEAD* SenSei : whos this fake internet gangster wow
*DEAD* black boy : sensei this is me junior but i did eat lol my cousin typed all this
*DEAD* black boy : im at my cousins place
*DEAD* black boy : denmark
*DEAD* SenSei : ur cousin is anoyying
*DEAD* SenSei : bitch slap him
*DEAD* black boy : noshit
*DEAD* black boy : i did
black boy : but guys i will leave soon
black boy : so my cousin will play in about 10 minutes
black boy : and if he harasses
black boy : just bitch slap him
black boy : ok??
black boy : im out after this round
black boy : this guy
black boy : guys im out cya ill let my cousin play
* k.dot changed name to black boy fly
black boy : kratos its not my account
black boy : if he gets banned
black boy : its his problem
black boy : not mine
black boy : i know his a stupid shit thug
black boy : plaayin thug *
black boy : he havent even smoked a regular cig
black boy : but im out
black boy : CYYAAAA
Mrs. Dig Bick connected
black boy fly : bte
Mrs. Dig Bick is joining the Terrorist force
black boy : Ts !?!?!? ARE U TUPED
black boy : FOKIN STOPEd
black boy fly : aj
black boy fly : ples no harras
black boy : blueee
black boy : you know i can kill u irl
black boy : ??
black boy : BLUUE LISTEN TO ME
BLuuuue # : im not blilnd
BLuuuue # : kil me
black boy : i dont wanna call out ur name

black boy : ull get smoked
black boy : pussy
black boy : toxic for my new drug dealer
black boy : say simon says simon says is over
black boy : possy
*DEAD* black boy : yeah fucker
*DEAD* black boy : i killede u
*DEAD* black boy : like im going to irl
*DEAD* black boy : pussy
*DEAD* black boy : how the fuck u talking to
*DEAD* black boy : u know who i am
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : bane stfu u racist
*DEAD* black boy : who dosent like black people here? i want some ppl i can kill
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : i dont like black people
*DEAD* black boy : need to earn respect in this fucking ghetto
*DEAD* black boy : batman
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : i dont like white people
*DEAD* black boy : wait for me
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : i dont like people.
*DEAD* black boy : stay home 20:00
*DEAD* black boy fly : ples no harras batman
*DEAD* black boy : ill fucking smoke u
*DEAD* black boy : pussy
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : please dont smoke me
*DEAD* black boy : i will
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : ples no
*DEAD* black boy : dont let me call out ur name
*DEAD* black boy : queijo
*DEAD* black boy : is bk a drug dealer?
*DEAD* nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : Yes he is
*DEAD* black boy : bk
*DEAD* black boy : listen
*DEAD* black boy : i want some pot
*DEAD* BLuuuue # : black boy
*DEAD* black boy : i swear if u put some fake ass shit
*DEAD* Kratos : B.K. aint evne here
*DEAD* nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : He is
*DEAD* black boy : ill fucking blasy u
*DEAD* black boy : blast u
*DEAD* nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra : Oh he left
*DEAD* black boy : what
*DEAD* black boy : whtie boy
*DEAD* black boy : fuckin eminem
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : dont talk shit about eminem fool
*DEAD* black boy : shut up vanilla
*DEAD* Kratos : Eminem is a Rap god bitch
*DEAD* Hyperion : stop harras and make racist comments plz
*DEAD* black boy : eminem is da shit
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : tell him hyper
*DEAD* black boy : cow shit
*DEAD* black boy : go listen to 2pac yall fuckers
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : omg black boy such cool
*DEAD* black boy : or BIG
*DEAD* Bokito : someone maybe ban this black boy?
*DEAD* black boy : put a few joints in ur mouth
*DEAD* black boy : dre is da beast
*DEAD* black boy : yall white ppl need to go to shitty rappers like lil wayne
*DEAD* black boy : or wiz khalifa
BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : we got a thug on the server lel.
nD* Jail | SiX. : !kick black harass
black boy : i saw a brother of mine getting killed
black boy has disconnected (STEAM_0:0:26810244)
black boy has left the game
black boy connected
>nD> black boy kicked by nD* Jail | SiX. for Abuse (Harassment) |nD* jail|
black boy is joining the Terrorist force
*DEAD* Hyperion : THX SIX
*DEAD* black boy : ok six this is jokes
*DEAD* black boy : for u white ppl
*DEAD* black boy : but for me
*DEAD* nD* Jail | SiX. : Huh?
*DEAD* nD* Jail | SiX. : oh
*DEAD* black boy : i saw a brother getting killed righr infront of me
*DEAD* black boy : bokito
*DEAD* black boy : listen to that
*DEAD* nD* Jail | SiX. : Black boy, nobody here cares.
*DEAD* Hyperion : the racist names .... just wow
*DEAD* black boy : wait what did u say?
*DEAD* black boy : did u say u dont care if someone dies in the hood
*DEAD* black boy : dont let me come to ur barbie house where nothing bad happens and fucking blast everyone

*DEAD* nD* Jail | SiX. : I'm not bothered. If you wish to complain go to the police station
*DEAD* nD* Jail | SiX. : instead of bitching in an online game
*DEAD* black boy : fuck the police
*DEAD* black boy : be right back
*DEAD* BatmaN^ the BUILDER. : black boy you know you're a 10/10 clown right now right?

] status
hostname: |nD| JailBreak [Achievements]
version : 48/ 6027 secure (10)
tcp/ip :
map : jail_aj_bananamuffin_nd at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players : 20 active (32 max)

# name userid uniqueid frag time ping loss adr
# 1 "Hyperion" 671 STEAM_0:0:1765649 0 20:33 15 0
# 2 "Makita^" 638 STEAM_0:0:67350906 6 48:23 38 1
# 3 "QuadraPliuS#ZippY [FreeG']" 565 STEAM_0:0:17370118 3 1:38:11 69 0
# 4 "BLuuuue #" 560 STEAM_0:0:22178215 2 1:39:19 77 0
# 5 "LamPaN" 678 STEAM_0:0:12815591 0 15:08 39 0
# 6 "SBG | Blomman^" 596 STEAM_0:0:25182268 3 1:22:37 83 0
# 7 "Kratos" 667 STEAM_0:0:27132381 1 24:27 27 0
# 8 "Beast7" 598 STEAM_0:1:9669935 6 1:20:00 50 0
# 9 "nD* Jail | Queijo Da Serra" 570 STEAM_0:1:35794542 4 1:37:16 73 0
#10 "Sparky~" 645 STEAM_0:1:27417031 0 40:02 16 0
#11 "Tox1c" 680 STEAM_0:1:5800209 2 12:20 19 0
#12 "LaZy" 572 STEAM_0:1:322934 0 1:35:34 71 0
#13 "LAWLE" 691 STEAM_0:1:45290426 0 01:32 37 0
#14 "Ace" 675 STEAM_0:1:37163453 1 18:20 19 0
#15 "black boy" 676 STEAM_0:0:26810244 2 18:06 39 0
#16 "BatmaN^ the BUILDER." 681 STEAM_0:1:10957266 1 11:43 37 3
#17 "black boy fly" 616 STEAM_0:1:58270840 3 1:09:17 55 0
#19 "Ovi" 654 STEAM_0:0:19107013 2 33:08 68 0
#22 "vDou" 686 STEAM_0:0:25138260 0 05:27 45 0
#23 "Bokito" 669 STEAM_0:1:79889135 7 23:34 23 0
20 users

YES its not the complete log can be obtained if requested got in a doc file.
I know we are online with alot of misguided teens but I dont think this is acceptable.

Kind Regards,

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Re: [Jail]Black Boy ....

Post by GuuhaN »

Provide screenshots, those texts could be easily editted. Just sayin'

Also use this format:
Nickname in-game :
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) :
PROOF (Screenshot, record) :
Facts noticed :

Additionally, provide a screenshot of the Steam-ID of the accused person.
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Re: [Jail]Black Boy ....

Post by Juni0r »


I'm with this guy and it's my cousin.
I was playing in his account and computer (in denmark) and then i went to eat and he kept playing like a thug and shit.
Then i went outside with my brother and my cousins was still playing.
I didn't really care if he gets banned cause it's his fault and his account.

But just so u know this wasnt me.

"I wonder if heaven got a ghetto"
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Re: [Jail]Black Boy ....

Post by Lien~ »

His account, his responsibility. I'll check the logs and thus handle this report later tonight.
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Re: [Jail]Black Boy ....

Post by Lien~ »

STEAM_0:0:26810244 - black boy - Strike 1 + 96 hour ban.
- Abuse (Harassment/Flaming)

We usually don't handle reports if it doesn't contain proof like screenshots/demos etc. However, I was in-game myself when this all happened and got a member backing it up as well. In addition, this player has been banned and kicked more often for harassment and should have known better. Next time, please do provide screenshots though!

Thanks for the report.

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