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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by GuuhaN »

This is a pretty interesting one. I don't know you since the beginning, but what I can tell is that you played here a friggin long time lol. People change and I think you're one of those.

I won't make a list about your pro's and cons, because they have been mentioned by other people so It's just a waste of time for me. The only thing I concern is if you would punish your friends. I had that when I was a member, but trust me. It's hard... and I know that. Enough talking about my shitlife. I think you have changed a lot since I played with you and from what I can tell, you should be a perfect guy for the Jailteam. Although you have to sharpen up some moderation and stuff, but in my honest opinion. You could be the best candidate this month. Most cuz you're dutch and moneywhoring a lot :"D

Incase you didn't get the message or too lazy to read my lifestory. Yes.

PS: Im tired and on my phone so pls, be nice to me hhh
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Thierry Henry
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Thierry Henry »

Thanks for the positive feedbacks. I'll try to fix the mentioned con's.
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by kamer »

:o henry nooov
:arrow: yes yes yes
henry is pro and he play al time jb he is old player
am sure henry gonna good so goood member am sory for my english henry bat am give u
yes yes yes for you henryyyyyyy
iwish you change name therry henry becuse this player is nooov like you
cristina ronaldo best ever
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by LaZy »

- Friendly
- Active
- Known by almsot everyone
- Has a mic
- Plays here for a long time
- knows rules

i just hope ur not one of this players who is active evryday then search for member.. when u got accepted ur no more active ..

NeonDragon have suffered in this way .. they have not noticed anything

hope your not one of them :) i vote Yes .. they can give you a chance of trial ( GL HENRY )
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by shayan »

Yes If henry doesnt get to be a member you guys seriously need to take a look into the current team, There are plenty of members which dont do anything/ are gone or are just plain stupid. Henry meets most of the qualifications and actually tries to help people, which most of the members at the moment DON'T!
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bilkacem :3
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by bilkacem :3 »

So glade that u finally applied Henry (Our Pro) :D

- Friendly
- Active in-game
- Active in-Forum
- You know the Rules very well
- you are well known between Players
- Good English
- Good commanding skills
- Very Helpful and kind
- good Application

- I don't think that you can Handle the server by ur own

- Really? i can't find any bad cons for you :)

-Well, At least i'd love to see a good guy be a member in our dear commuinty, And my Vote will Be A Big YES Keep the Good Work Henry
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Decency »

- Rule knowledge
- Activity (In-game and Forum)
- Commanding
- English

- Respect (from others)
- Maturity

- Can rage when something doesn't go your way
- Too friendly, I really doubt you would be strict towards your friends(when needed), as well as your capability of actually using the powers.
- Authority
- VIP abuse, which is annoying as fuck and I have no idea why you even did it(towards other people, not me)

I haven't got anything else to say, so good luck
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Veghan »

Hello there Henry, didn't expect this to be honest. Not that is is wrong too! So let's say my things.

=.= [ Pro's ] =.=
  • You took the time for a good application and i like that. Only well only my vision the colors :3 (need a color lessons from Veghan i guess :])
  • You are already for a long time in this community. The gamble rank in Mati's system says everything. With this said i'm pretty sure you will be very deticated toward nD and the servers.
  • You are a calm guy when and nice to talk with ( at moments you can be 'raging' but i think every member/person has that so it's not a huge main problem)
  • You have the right age to apply.
  • Your forum activity is pretty good (could be better because of you being already so long in nD)
  • You are aware of the rules (i wouldn't expect anything less from you because you have been here for so long)
  • You want to talk with everyone, you do not have like 'that person i don't wanna even talk with'.
  • You are very mature for your age
=.= [ Neutrals ] =.=
  • You are under the required age but this is not a HUGE con because you are very mature.
  • You are not commanding like a lot (so long i know)
  • With quite a lot of rulebreakers on JB lately i didn't saw you reporting them.
=.= [ Con's ] =.=
  • We both know how good you are in trolling people sometimes. Even i have to say this has become less and less lately (a bit of trolling can be allowed but not if you keep trolling someone till he gets angry or so)
  • Bug/VIP abuse, well abuse or not abuse i can't say it was wrong what you did or not. But i can say that it isn't good that you have done it. You know these things are not nice and you would also rage if you get slapped to dead (or not). So please try to stop with that.

Well well, it's about time i guess? After being so long in Neondragon you finnaly made the application! I know you for already a very very very long time and i have to say.. god dammed you changed a lot. From being an ABSOLUTE (sorry for the next word) scumbag you transfared into a pretty calm and nice guy. Even with this huge and good change i have some points that i don't like. You know that I know that you are sometimes trolling. Apart from this you also abused your VIP quite a lot (slapping people till dead, etc..) and also some other bugs abused (you maybe wasn't fully aware of it even i have my thoughts about that).

That's said.. so let's move on to the next thing. You are a very active person and very very dedicated to Neondragon. You have proven that to everyone by staying with Neondragon at the hard times and good times. I would like to see you command more often, i think you are a good commander but i don't hear you that much. Also the helping part is something you should work on. I know you trying your best but here and there i see a few things that could be better. Last but not least.. Do not let the neebies search them own way, newcommers are needed to keep the server active. Don't laugh with them also don't be like 'goshh... he can't even command...' or such things.

Finally we are made it! After all i said i think an extension would be on the right place for you. Show us that you can change the last but few important cons and it will be all okay!
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Thierry Henry
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Thierry Henry »

Thanks alot for putting time into the replies. I can rely to most of the posts. The vip abuse, probably the most mentioned con, got no bad intentions. Their mostly used in a friendly way, sometimes they don't appreciate it, but they can laugh about it afterwards :)
Anyway as it's still rulebreaking, as mentioned, I'll only slap on safe places, which will eventually lower to less and less slapping at all.
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by nBi »

Try to raise the motivation (and such) a bit, by that you will show that you are capable of it etc.
You are doing good, so try to show a bit more, and proof that you can do it.

Good Luck
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Maltazard »


• You know the rules very well in my eyes.
• You have been here for a long time.
• Great English skills you have.
• Your In-Game activity is perfect.
• You are commanding. Your commanding is appreciated by many.
• You are friendly. (This goes to Neutrals).
• I've never seen you fight with someone on the server.
• You bring a good atmosphere.


• Moderation is something you need to work a bit more. It's not that I have not seen you moderate, the thing is that you just need to do some work with it and you'll be ready.
• Reports. A report is not that important when it comes to Jailbreak. Either way, you have made ​​a few reports and this proves that you can handle with certain things.
• As you can see now, you got a bunch of friends on the server, and it proves that you will be very kind to them when it comes to you to punish them for something. This probably will not stay forever but it will just take some time before you get used to.


• Trolls. You have been one of these trollers. You've been trolling around with other people. But this was not so long time ago and I see it is still inside you, not so much but very little. Why I put this on the cons was because I want to prove you that you it is one thing that can makes a person become depressed on the server. This is also directed towards joking. There is always a limit.
• Strike 2, but there is nothing you can do.
• As Lien said. I've seen you slapping people to death. But been abusing your VIP is something I have not seen and I do not think you would abuse your VIP powers besides slapping people to death. However, I think you will fix this.


I do not have much to say to you except that you must be able to work on your Con's and Neutral's! Try to help a bit with the people if they need help, and it will be good enough. Try to report a bit more but this is not that important. There are other things you should care a bit more about. Try to avoid slapping people to death since it is abusing. I can already see you fixing this. Try to stand back when people are trolling with someone or just joking with him. As you can see Henry, I have not that much to say to you anymore. Try to work on these and you will be ready! Good luck. Yes.
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Vato »

Sup Henry!
* Honest
* Rule knowledge
* Behaves
* Also good english
* Known for a long time
* Helps alot
* Good microphone, Commands

* Reports
* age

Can't name something wrong with you, mby In the past you troll alot But that's not Important right now :think:

So henry I'll just go for a positiv Vote It's a big "YES" from me
Good luck :clap:
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Thierry Henry
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by Thierry Henry »

Thanks alot I'll try fix the mentioned con's.
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eDi =)
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by eDi =) »

Yo wasssuuup.

- Active in-game and in forums.
- Decent english.
- A long time regular.
- Knows the rules.
- I'm sure you would work hard.
- Helpful.

- Don't know if anyone can take you serious anymore because of your past.
- Seen you trolling before. I hope it's past.

Lets see how it goes. yeah plz.
ps. Antti/// on b-rapun poikia.
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Re: Thierry Henry // Application

Post by SoeSope »

You're ready for this is, no time to write the pros and cons. Yes from my side Good luck bro!
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