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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Veghan »

lolz you don't have to think that hard with this ,that makes it midfucked. Just think smart :)
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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Black Leader »

97/2 = 48.5, you owe to your mom and dad.
1.5 is what you owe your mom and dad. 3-1=2/2=1, 1.5-0.5=1 to your dad and mom. So if the shirt costs 97+1 (your)+2 (mom and dad)= 100
Not sure if I did it correct but this seems the most possible answer to me
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Re: Mindfuck

Post by him »

Last sentence isn't supposed to be there
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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Konijn »

The trick is that the equation at the end (49+49+1) confuses the debt (49+49) with credit (1).

I will redo the given equations by giving the amounts colour so the money is easier to track.

A shirt costs $97 (neutral).

You borrow (in total) $100 (debt).

You buy the shirt and have $3 (credit) change.

You repay $2 to your parents leaving you a total of $98 indebted to your parents with $1 in your pocket.

Now the picture states this: $98 + $1 = $99, so where is the missing $1? As you can see from the colours, we are infact adding the credit to the debt and also disregarding the fact that we have already given $2 to lower the debt to $98 in the first place.

To balance the money properly you need to keep the amounts separate. So you have the debt of $98 and you add to that the $2 you have already given to your parents to total the original $100 debt. Now the $2 you just took off the debt turns back into credit leaving you with the original $3 change.
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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Starzy »

I just didn't fall for that last sentence, called it bullshit lol

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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Bonkers »

...yes...yes...I can follow...
...I know those numbers...
// good thing I at least made it to a musician. Math is for the Mathheads
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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Kanyuu »

The real mind fuck for me is that you have to pay your parents back. WTF?

:P <3 my parents
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Re: Mindfuck

Post by Shadi »

Kanyuu wrote:The real mind fuck for me is that you have to pay your parents back. WTF?

:P <3 my parents
This took 0.5 seconds to realise in Kanyuu's Asian mind.
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