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(^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Veghan »


1. Introduction

Hello there Neondragon people,

I’m playing on these servers for a quite long time now and I am also pretty active. Apart from this all I involved myself into the community by this time.
I wanted to wait to make this application till i was pretty sure of it and that moment is now. So here is my application, i hope you will enjoy (if you find some faults srry then :<)!
It will be very long.. So take a cookie or a drink or some popcorn!

2. Application Format

2.1 Steam Information

Steam ID:
  • STEAM_0:0:55607540
  • Veghan
  • I’m 20 years old
  • Male
2.2 Experience Level (including any previous admin work) :

  • NLDark
  • Assault/surf/gungame/deathmatch servers + private warring server
Short information:
  • I was a ForumModerator in NLdark. That meant i had to look to topics and help people on the forums. Topics that were too old got replaced by me and spam/harrasing reply's on topics got deleted by me.
    Inside the game I had also the powers to kick/slap/ban/etc.. An other job I had to do was recording people that were cheating,
    so they could getting banned(no one got banned without a proper demo).

2.3 Average amount of dayly play time on the servers

The average amount of time I play on the Jailbreak server depends from day to day. I have to work soon probably.
So the amount of time will be a bit less then usual. This doesn’t mean I wont be active anymore.
I would play like 1-2h on the servers on a normal work day and in the weekends/free days I can play longer.

I don’t maybe play but my steam is always on when I’m on my PC. So you can pm me whenever you want (when I’m on the pc ofc :) )

2.4 Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?

I can still remember the day I started palying in the Neondragon server(s). It was back in 2010 just after my other clan (NLdark got closed).
I was searching for some fun on a server when I saw ‘Jailbreak’ standing there in the server list of my friends.
I didn’t know what I had to do but I just joined it. I heard voices and stuff and was surprised. I was lucky i met Lien, we started to talk with each other and in no time i added her.
Since that moment she teached me how I had play Jailbreak and she invited me in the other Neondragon servers.

Sadly I had some IRL problems what made me being inactive on the servers. When all the problems were fixed I couldn’t wait to play once again on the Neondragon Jailbreak server.
I loved the community and I loved the people. Since then I’m still playing on the Nd servers. In total around 1,5 years.

*Now you also know why I wasn’t that active around 2012-2013.

2.5 Do you have a working mic?

Yes, I have a working mic. But! Few people said you can hear my background so I was planning on buying a new one but I don’t know which one. (feel free to say which one I should buy ^^ )

3. Irl related

3.1 Who am I?

Who am I? that’s the question you probly all ask. Well I will try to explain that by a few things. If you still have questions about things or about me feel free to ask them then!

First of all my name is Mike, I’m 20 years old and a male (if you didn’t knew that already :3).
I’m born in Belgium and I still live there. I don’t live in a big city but somewhere outside all of it (between forests lolz). It’s not known by a lot of people but I kinda like that because you can do what you want! (freedom! :D) Apart from this all I finished my last school year and now I am searching for work as an electrician / technician. In the mean time I work at home at some things.

Oh.. I think I forgot to tell you people something.. My irl name isn’t ‘Veghan’ like you people might think (lolz). I’m also not a vegetarian even if I have a nickname called ‘Veghan’.
I got that name because of my friend. He passed away, the story can be found here (RS related) :
I was sitting in the bus till my friend asked me : ‘Mike, I got a account that’s better then your and I don’t play on it anymore. You can have it if you want’.
I thought why not , I didn’t like Sniaper anymore because I was bored too train a noob account.
He gave me the account named ‘Veghan’.
But then he passed away a week later. (I will never forget that moment)
I did quit with runescape for a short time (I don’t know how long)
But since that moment I’m playing & using the name ‘Veghan’ everywhere for him.
3.2 Some other things you maybe like to know about me
  • I’m a nice person to talk with and I also like to talk a lot.
  • Flaming is not something I would do a lot because I don’t like that :(
  • I would always help you out with a problem even if you did a murder (example, pls don’t murder someone..). What you say to me, that will I keep for me.
  • I don’t get frustrated that fast but if you cross that line.. Then I can explode. But the good thing is, I don’t stay mad that long :)
  • I can’t live without music
  • … The rest will you find out if you spend more time with me ^^
3.3 Hobbies
  • I was planning on starting to football again (just with an amateur club)
  • I do ice skating (freestyle) and just chilling around on the ice (lolz)
  • Playing games in my free time :]
4. Motivation

I always loved it to help a clan/team, I’m a big supporter of that. Especially when I love the community. Being in a community is more then just playing , moderating , etc…
Being a part of the community makes a game so much nicer. Some people wont understand this , but for some people is a community like a second family. I would love it to be apart of that second family.
Apart from this I also want players like it to play on the servers. There is nothing more that I like then seeing people being happy when they play a game.
A game used to be to relax and having fun. If you have then a few ‘idiots’ that want to mess around, then it isn’t fun anymore for everyone.
Without powers it’s pretty hard to make the server enjoyable for everyone sometimes, because of the spammers/voice abusers/rule breakers.

Review after 2,5 weeks:
Hello everyone, almost 3 weeks further and let me say how i think i did better in the things people gave me cons on.

First of all:
I have tried my best to work on being stricter (as commanding then). It is going better but i still think i'm to nice sometimes.

Second of all:
About the 'police' thingy (Navida & Znk), i think i know what went wrong and i talked to Navida about this. I saw that i was way to 'strict' @ chat. I was sleepy and yeh then i'm like 'strict' in a way that i can't accept a lot. The good news is that i started sleeping better now so it will be back like it used to be! (Thanks for telling it, i had a feeling i was getting too srs about things but just didn't knew it did 'hurt' people)
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by East Clubber »

Good job on the application.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by GuuhaN »

WOAW, to be honest. This is one of the most structured application I've ever seen. I see you put a lot of effort into it !

As for your behavior ingame or forums. I can't really tell much, since I don't play a lot with you but I think you have some good chances being a member. I won't vote, but once I played more with you. I will definitely list my pros and cons.

Good luck with your application man !
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by capitan pescanova »

Hey Veghan!

I will not vote for the moment because I do not play much in jailbreak, but from what I've seen from other servers like deatmatch is that you are a very nice and calm guy, you like to communicate with other players and help them, you make reports and you have made an amazing application. I will vote when I know you better. Good luck
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Lien~ »

Hey Mike, I'm glad to see you made the application. I know you've been wanting to post it for quite a while already but tried to fix the cons I gave you first. You did a good job on that!


- You are above the required age to apply.
- Very very nice application. Much info and nice and lengthy. Me like!
- Your forum activity is ok, you check and post everyday.
- You ingame activity is good.
- You know the rules and whenever you are in doubt you don't hesitate to ask.
- You are known and liked by a lot of people, if not all of them.
- You are a very friendly and mature guy.
- You don't have a temper, you are always yourself and try to fix things in a calm way. I've never ever seen you rage or flame.
- You have a mic and you command whenever you want to.
- You play on the fun servers as well and you report the cheaters which is a big pro imo.


- Your English is fine, people understand you so that's ok.
- I have seen you help out here and there although I hope you work on this. Man up a bit!


- I am not sure whether you will be able to handle a full server on your own. You are such a nice guy that I'm a bit afraid that people will walk over you and take whatever advice/warning you give them for granted.
- ^ I am not sure if people see you as that role-model. As someone they will listen to, someone that is able to tell people to stop or change their attitude etc.


Hey Mike. You have so many pros and just a few cons but imo those cons are important ones. I believe you should toughen yourself up a bit and try to fix them. If you manage to do so there is no reason to keep you away from it. You are liked, you are known. You know the rules and you command. You have fun written all over you. You are friendly and I'm sure you would be able to help people out in a calm and mature way. However, the cons do weigh a bit. I am afraid that people will walk over you, because you are so nice. Your strong personality and it's features are all nice and some so unique that I hope you stay yourself in the progress of manning up a bit. There is no reason to become a cop, there is no reason to change yourself. There is only a reason to improve, improvement is always nice as long as you know for yourself that you need it and that you are willing to work for it. Try to show some authority. You don't have to be everyone's friend, it's impossible anyway. Not everyone has to like you, sometimes there are situations where you have to step up against your friends, or take certain actions of which your friends would be like ''whut is he doing?''. I hope you are able to cope with that. Don't forget; you have strong qualities and I am sure there is a spot reserved for you... Anyhow, due to all the things I've said I will give you a blank now, leaning towards a yes IF and only if you can fix your cons. I wish you the best of luck and if you need me, you know where to find me.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by SiX »

- You're active in game
- You seem to know most of the basic rules. I believe there's still space for knowledge, but on a personal level I haven't seen you making any bigger mistakes.
- You've a very nice attitude in-game.
- You've the required age to apply.
- You can command and in addition succed the rounds in an appreciate way.
- You've written a very, very amazing application.

- Lately you've started to moderate quite alot. But remember that it's what you've done in the long run that matters.
- Lately you've showed dedication to the community by reporting a couple of exempel cheaters, general abusers. However, some of them lacked amount of evidence and therefor either got partially accepted or declined. Also, remember that it's in the long run that matters here aswell.
- You came back not too long ago. However, as you stand out of the crowd by your cheerful attitude peoples knows you.
- You've worked alot on your forum activity lately. But here again, remember that it's what you've done in the long run that matters.

- None seems to have any problems with you and vice versa. This might be because I find you quite good hearted. I wonder if you would be able to:
1.) Handle a full server on your own
2.) Being able to treat your very good friends equal to those you stand neutral towards. I've the feeling you would be too loosen up towards everyone.

I'm up for giving you a trial, since I feel you've most of the member abilities that is required.
Yes from my side, good luck furthermore with your application and make the best out of the time you've left.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Veghan »

@East+gohan: Thanks both of you , i hope you liked it ^-^

@Lien+Six: I know I have too work on it. It will take some time but i will do my best to work on it!

All by all thanks for the reply's<3
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Queijo da Serra »

Yo Veghan.


- You are active.
- Good english.
- You know the rules.
- You are a good commander + you have a working mic.
- You make reports + you have a good eye for cheaters.
- You have the required age to apply.
- You seem to be dedicated.
- Attitude, you are a friendly guy.
- Bought VIP.
- You are known.


- Forum activity, not that bad but not that good either. Can easily be fixed.
- Haven't seen you moderating that much.


- I don't think you can handle a full server by yourself.


Hello Veghan, I think you have done a good job over the past weeks and you should get a trial imo so my vote will be a yes.
Good luck.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Boab The BUILDER »

Hey buddy, I would like to reply to a fellow apply'ee (or however you say that idk)


- You are active, And have been here for a long time
- Good age to apply
- Easily understandable english
- Good nose for cheaters recognisable on the reports section especially in fun servers
- Your known by the community as you have been here a long time
- Your a good friendly guy who talks to alot of people
- Well detailed application


- You command often, but (i dont know if its your style) You dont seem to "take command" if you get what I mean, you dont seem to exert much authority while you command but I suppose thats just because you are really friendly :P
- Your forum activity is less than desirable (0.2 posts a day) Although ive heard you took a break or something and I have seen you here and there recently so im not putting as a pro or con yet
- As a point I previously made about authority, Its hard to notice your moderating since it doesnt really seem to have that much effect as people are not really that likely to listen to you (believe me Im finding this myself) But I have seen you doing it now and again so it goes as a neutral

- I havent seen you helping people out really, I see you being nice to people, Which leads me to think I know you would help people if they come to you but I havent seen you as much going to help other people, But mabye you do it and I just dont see :P
- I dont know how you would cope as a member, you quote rules and stuff now and then but another thing with authority, you seem hesitant to keep warning people if they fight back as such, Which leads me to think unless you grow a bit of a thicker skin, power wouldn't really suit you as such

I will say kinda the same thing that I mentioned in sixon's apply even though the circumstances are different I could still say the same thing with it being relevant. You have an excellent set of pro's for being an established member or the community, But the cons you have, Are by no means the best to have for someone going for member, But nevertheless they are workable but not straight away for some of them, But we both have quite a time to prove to the teams that we are worthy of joining them, But for now, I will put you down as a Blank Good luck buddy :D
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by xeonnn» »

hi, veghan.

- You have the required age to apply
- You know most of the rules
- I've seen you make reports, which is a good thing as it's not really essential to report whilst applying for jailbreak
- You're a friendly guy, easy to play with and get along with
- Understandable English, good English
- You're pretty much known on the forums, community/servers
- An amazing application
- You have a mic, you use as a CT and command

- Forum activity can just be abit boosted
- I've only seen you command a few times

- Not sure whether you can handle a full server your own
- Try to help out abit, show that you're worth being a member.

Overall, I think you're a great guy with a good personality. You deserve to become a member, as you're pretty much active on most of the servers. I think you've done a great job ever since I've met you, and also to add one more thing, you've written an amazing application, probably one of the most detailed and creative applications I've ever seen on the nD community. So, I think you should be a part of the nD Jail team, it's a YES from me mate, good luck!
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Big H »

I'm not much of a pro and con guy, and since I've already quit nD, I don't feel much obligation to do a structured reply to this, but I'll do one anyway, since I like you.

First off, I think that you are the applicant that has put most effort into his application in the history of nD, lol. I mean, who the hell does all that, if he isn't hell bent on joining nD?

You're a nice guy, an oustanding commander, and a meat-eating vegan :o (last one was a joke, duuh). I'm fairly certain that you are quite familiar with the rules, and you are really active on the servers. Or, well, you were last week.

Personally, I would love to see nD* Jail | Veghan on the server, if I hadn't quit.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Karn »

Hey Veghan, I have a blurry image of you , you are a nice guy , but your moderating and ingame behaviour is questionnable , i'll have a little eye and i'll keep you updated, doesn't mean you have to act like someone you are not just let it all flow , dont be robotic with the rules cause that will ruin things .. Good luck mate !
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Wongerz »


- Required age to apply
- Known by people and liked by them
- Mature, nice and friendly
- Rule knowledge is good
- Working mic and can command when needed to
- You make reports from what I have seen
- You have a bit of experience of moderating
- In-game activity is good
- Application gives a lot of detail about you with I like very much it is lengthy and detailed


- Is it me or other people I haven't seen you moderate
- English can be a bit hard to understand sometimes but overall wise acceptable


- Forum activity kind of poor with 0.2 posts a day could give it a boost to be honest
- I don't know wether you could handle a whole server by yourself
- You might get influenced by other people


Hay vegan your a nice guy and you are friendly as well, I know you have a lot of pros there i suppose these cons are really important I know this is a short conclusion cause I am on iPad my vote will be a blank leaning towards a Yes so it should be extended so yeah good luck though.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Shadi »

Why is everybody asking me to post these days..


+ Application

You've clearly put a lot of effort into your application. Whether it's visual detail or actual information about you. (Although, a few things were a bit redudnant)

+ In-game Activity

You play way, way more than you state but I guess as soon as the vacation is over it might go back to what you state in your application.

This month alone you have played 320h and 2 minutes as of 04:05 15th of August 2013
That's 10h 40 min averagely per day which is extreme and very outstanding

+ Friendly

You are probably one of the friendliest guys I have met. You always speak with respect and I don't see you even harm a fly.

+ Age

You are above the right age to apply and with such age follows a linked maturity.

+ Liked

Due to being so friendly you have a wide friend circle.

+ Socialising

You tend to socialise a lot from what I've seen, also on Steam. Creates a great communication between member and regulars.

+ Composed

Don't think I've seen you flip out once.

+ Long-time regular

Whether it was on or off you have been somewhat around for long.


~ Commanding

Your commanding isn't really that outstanding nor do you command super often from what I've seen. Although you've tried hard recently to command more and that's probably because of this application. It needs to become a part of your daily habits rather.

~ General Dedication

I've only seen you push so hard to help the community recently. I always saw your application coming based on that alone. It feels like a lot of the effort is not fully genuine and that this was the goal all along.

~ Supporter

You are a VIP and it helps us much more than you might just think to get a bigger collaborative income.

~ Communication

Your English is OK. Not outstanding, but fully understandable. I'm not sure if you'd be capable of fully forwarding an argument with the most competent appearance, however.

~ Helping out

I don't really see you pick up the guys who need help and answer their questions, then again this might be unfair to state. I may not have been there a moment where it was needed.


- Authority

I don't think you have a lot of authority on the server. You are too friendly and probably care about what people think about you just a tad too much. People will overrule you and use this against you - generally listen less to you.

- Niceness

Your niceness is a bit too much over the top. I'm in doubt whether you'd be able to punish friends whose intentions are solely to violate the rules.

- Moderating

Maybe I pay too little attention, but I rarely see you warn/tell people what to do when they perform wrongdoings.


I'd say blank leaning to a yes. There's a lot of potential lying in you but it's latent. Draw it out and work for a longer period and you can be pretty sure I'll vouch for you. However, don't become a police officer and start warning everybody for anything; nobody likes that either. Find your own balance, good luck.
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Re: (^=^) ~ Veghan's Jailbreak Member Application ~ (^=^)

Post by Veghan »

@Shadi: just because i wanna know if you thought the same as some people ^-^

@rest: Thanks for the reply's. I will try to work on my cons so hard as possible!<3

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