[CoR] Waschera #2

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Re: Waschera #2

Post by blabber »



- u play for a long time in nd now and u know the rules well
- u grow alot since u been here u become much more mature!
- u got a mic and u use it
- active ingame and forum


- not sure if u can handle a full server
- u never stand out the crouwd
- not sure if u fit in the team
- altho u became much more mature im not sure if ure mature enough

my cons are doubable so dont take them tio serious. but this is is what i think and since i got some cons ill give u a vote BLANK. i still wish u gl !
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Re: Waschera #2

Post by Laprot the Freekiller »

Can you smell it guys?....
Inc application by blabber...

Anyway for you Washera, i'll edit my post when i know exactly what to respond :p
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Re: Waschera #2

Post by Decency »

- English
- Commander
- Application

- In-game Activity
- Maturity
- Reports ~ I think if you want to become a member you should try to get rid of atleast the cheaters at the other servers, there might not be any1 when you're playing though so I put this in Neutral's
- Rule knowledge
- Moderation In-game

Before you get my yes I want you to fix the majority of the Neutral's I gave you. atm it's a Blank from me.
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Re: Waschera #2

Post by Toon »

lol I thought u were 14 or something....anywas ill edit when ill give you an answer.
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Re: Waschera #2

Post by apapaoemama »

Hey Waschera,

I have been thinking about how to vote for you never really knew what to vote.

Ill just make a list and give my conclusion

- When you are in-game you are mostly CT and a good addition to the team(commanding, never playing around)
- You seem to be a relaxed and nice guy
- You have been playing Jailbreak for a long time, so your rule knowledge is good.

- Your activity, the one moment you seem to be very active, and the other moment you seem to be dissapeared from the world.
Try to keep your activity steady if possible ;)

- Your moderating can be improved aswell for the helping out

- I am unsure about your qualities of handling full servers

Overall you are a nice guy and a really good player, but for now I will give you a no

I wish you good luck
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Re: Waschera #2

Post by regit »

We decided to extend your application, seeing that your activity has dropped a bit since you applied. We also want to give you more time to show us more of yourself.
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Re: [Extended] Waschera #2

Post by Lien~ »

You will do fine! Just step it up a tad and you will be part of the team before you know it. Look at the cons, some mentioned, and try to work on them. You have 4 weeks to prove yourself, chop chop :mrgreen: :dance:
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Re: [Extended] Waschera #2

Post by SiX »

Good luck waschera, I'm sure you'll make it before next month, just be abit activer!
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Re: [Extended] Waschera #2

Post by Lucius »

Goodluck man! be more active and you'll be accepted!
Yours sincerely, Lucius
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Re: [Extended] Waschera #2

Post by Shadi »

You have been in nD long and you are dedicated and loyal to the community. You have changed a lot and you keep becoming better and better over time and it's time to seriously take the chance. You often command on the server and it brings it a little more alive for each time. You're ok active in game but I'm not that impressed when it comes to the forums. I'm not entirely sure you can handle an entire server when it really comes to the heat of it.

A thing which is weird, you are a long time regular and you command but you don't really stand out of the crowd; so I don't know if the community really sees you as a member. Also I don't remember a report from you, although you might have done them just nice to know if you know how to fill one out. All in all I might vote yes in the meeting but I'll have to see what other people say as well.
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Re: [Extended] Waschera #2

Post by Shadi »

*Closed on request*
You're welcome to try again later on.
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

- Benjamin Franklin

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