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Re: Hreidar;)

Post by dArra;] »

Hello hreidar! you asked me to reply, so here we go

- Activity in-game
- Known by many
- Friendly
- Regular (you has been here for a long time)

- Rule-knowledge(?)
- Moderating in-game(?)
- you act immature sometimes
- Application was good but your "motivation" part was bad
- English (Its understandable)

- Forum activity
- Childish personality
- You troll people
- Age
- I doubt you can handle a full server alone.

You are a nice guy and we are friends (I guess:D), but I like to see you fix some cons what i gave to you.
Anyway like i said for jamairo, I am not active on Dr server so cant really give you a yes/no. I let people who are active on Dr server to give you their vote's. Good luck with your application hreidar!
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Re: Hreidar;)

Post by hreidar98 »

Thank you Guys for your comments :D

I just want you guys to know im lookin closely on the con's, and im gonna try to work on them like the rage (even though sometimes it was just a joke BUT the beginners dont know me that well so i have to show them the right attitude so they wont think im really ragen when im just joken)

But i know my activity has been low and i get that so from now on im gonna try to change it also...

and guys like you see there ive been admin on a server, i can promise you i can handle a full server... :D

And i just want to thank you for you words guys! :D
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Re: Hreidar;)

Post by Jamairo »

When i last posted to ur apply wasnt a pro,con list so i will make one now ;)

-active in game
-knows rules ( dont follow them always )
-Playing at nD for 3 years.



-forum activity
-cant handle a full server ( what i think)

well my vote is a no but i wish u best of goodluck
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Re: Hreidar;)

Post by Ying and Yang »

I might have just been playing at totally different times, but I haven't seen you this past week at all.

I checked just a few minutes ago your gametracker and it seems you haven't been playing much cs at all. You were also playing jail when I checked it, which leads me to question which server you really want to apply for.
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Re: Hreidar;)

Post by hreidar98 »

well Ying, i got a reason for that, ive been out alot now this past week alot been goin on... but after this weekend ive will be able to start playen again like i did ;)

so this application accually didn´t hit on the right week :) :)
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Re: Hreidar;)

Post by regit »

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