I hate to do this...

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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I hate to do this...

Post by FaTaL^ »

I kinda have to leave

School is starting to become alot more heptic

and i want to focus on other things such as music production and my knife throwing (just got some proper knives)

I have been inactive for a long time, so not alot of people will remember me probably, but oh well

Id like to thank everyone for being awesome, Neondragon is such a good community, and i may return it shortly

Also, HUGE shout out to GoHan, without him i never would of joined, and never would of experienced just how awesome counter strike and neondragon is

Also, thanks to sickjumper for buying me VIP for 1 month :)

Goodbye... For Now (as i said, may return later)

FaTaL^ Signing out

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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Blaze »

Well i didnt know you :/ and since this thread have 22 views. Obv people have seen it and been a dick to not say goodbye.

I would like to say goodbye even if i dint know you :)
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

Bye Bye hope you get signed up at the record house, gl
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Lien~ »

Real life always comes first, so you made the right decision! Good luck with everything, and be carefull with those knives ;)
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Turtle Den Hurtige! »

You picked the Right thing! But remember you're always welcome back again :)
Jail Break 4 Ever!
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Shadi »

Oh no you didn't :naughty:

Come and say hi from time to time though 8-)
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

- Benjamin Franklin
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Real life is more important, enjoy your life and maybe in the future you can come back again :)
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Starzy »

Cya man, whenever you can just pass by ;)

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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by SiX »

goodbye Fatal, good luck with school ;)
I hope you'll return later
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Re: I hate to do this...

Post by Wannabe »

ahh bad to see you go but you'll be back. Once a NeonDragoner always a NeonDragoner
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