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Re: *sigh*

Post by Lien~ »

Jellow made a poll about whether you should re-apply or not. My answer to that was ;
I would love to see him re-apply. I do want him to consider whether he wants to spend his free time on being a part of the team again though. He has a very challenging and energy eating work week. I would hate to see him get in wrong moods (you know what i'm taking about Qs). You as no other knows how important rl is If you feel comfortable in applying then go ahead. You will get my yes!
Yes you have changed (as in, i agree with what Kalle mentioned), but you are still that caring and same open-minded person as back in the days. You have been a bit harsh regarding some things in the last period but that only shows that you can speak your mind even more now. And dispite that, we cant deny that it was all for the greater good and thus necessary.

As long as you put your real life first i would love to see you back and you will have my full support. But i want you to step back if you feel uncomfortable. Thats a promise you should make to yourself. Dont let this affect your real life anymore/again.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Konijn »

Not sure how much time you're on for these days tbh but you're getting a lot of members to report cheaters on the assault server when you're playing so it would make a lot of sense to give you perm ban to take care of it yourself. GL on your app I'm sure you don't need it though.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Evil-homer »

I did think about starting a thread in the private section regarding asking if you could be brought back into the team as an Assault member (i know there are no Assault members) , didnt know how it would go down or if you even wanted to so never bothered

it makes perfect sence for you to come back to the team , you play alot at Assault and the strike list is filled each day with cheaters from the Assault server and it realy could do with someone like you to take charge of it which i know you could easyly do ,

i think the Assault server was started after you left the admin team but if it was started before then i think that maybe you wouldnt have left , i see the reasons why you left and TBH the same reasons you left are still here today so for now it makes sence for you to take the Assault server under your wing and put all your energy and time into that without worrying or getting involed at admin level , its best to deal with the part of nD that you enjoy spending your time at rather then get into stuff you dislike

I can also see your reasons for putting the title as "sigh" , from your point of view it cant be that nice to start climping the nD ladder again after sitting at the top for so long in the past ,you were one of the hardest working Admins of nD and the face of nD , most people when they think of nD will think of quicksilver and not Alex , most people can see the valid reasons why you left and i for one welcome you back to the team with open arms

without a doubt i know you will do a fantasic job and you are infact just what the Assault server needs and so you get a massive YES from me , i only wish you were ASKED back into the team and didnt have to re-apply

good luck
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Emziek »

Yes please
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Spiitzz »

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Re: *sigh*

Post by pn »

Dude, you know I love you and all but doesnt this take to much time you could actually spend living.

Anyways, if its what you want wish you the best luck.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by M.A »

And we all expected Shadi to be the next one to be promoted to admin :trollface:
I will give you a yes, but one think that you have to think of when you become apart of the team again, is to keep your head cool, don't flipp out that easily like you sometimes do.
Good Luck.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Toon »

Well its obviously a yes Qs but u can be easily irritated/mad easily. Anyways hopefully Kempa wont whine when u join Fun Servers now.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Kempavafan »

Toonie D: wrote:Well its obviously a yes Qs but u can be easily irritated/mad easily. Anyways hopefully Kempa wont whine when we got u in the Fun Servers now.
obviously brain dead
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Karn »

Hello Kas , this is what I think about you , and your application :

You are a typical member material
A very mature person
Active enough in both forum and ingame
I'm sure that you can take the right actions regarding poeple breaking the rules
Very experienced
And the most important thing is that I know you care for this community , and look for positive changes

The list can go longer but lets go the con's

You are overeactive sometimes regarding some simple situations , which I don't like about you
Your way of critisizing things can be so harsh sometimes and can be taken as offensive (even tho your aim is to improve things around)
The way you want things to change in a blink of an eye and get mad if your propositions are not getting enough support is something you HAVE to change

As a conclusion I don't think that anyone is as good candidate as you , and all that con's that i've listed has all a good side , which is the intention to improve this community and make it a better place , It's an OBV yes for me , wishing you good luck ..
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Re: *sigh*

Post by SiX »

- Past admin and did alot of stuff.
- Great commander in Jailbreak
- Knowledge of the rules
- Age and maturity
- Forum activity
- Application
- Reports
- Old player

- Activity

- *sigh* are you fully motivated or do you feel forced to join by your friends?
- Rages
- Helping out

With rages I mean, if someone does something you don't like you start to rage at him and teamkill him and that's not really a good thing to do imo.
I've also never seen you helping newcomers though, but due that you cared and still care alot for the community it's hard to chooce.
Still, if you work on the ''rage'' con I will give yuo a yes, since I haven't seen you moderate and thats because I hardly see you play on jailbreak.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Dangan »

This came out from the bushes, at least for me tbh.
I have not played actively for ages, so I can only yes based on your past.
I doubt it will take long until you're admin again if you want, because you sure were one of the best ones and who actually
got things to get done and that's exactly what nD needs currently.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by QuickSilver »

Thanks for the replies and the cons guys, that's really helpful. I can't disagree with them and it will be something I need to work on indeed. Although I wonder if I can actually do something about it, the raging would be way less.
But like I said before, I don't want to climb any ladder, I don't want to be an admin again. The less decision-making, the better.

If I keep feeling uncomfortable, I will let this go for good, but we will find out soon enough.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by minna »

Soooo time to answer then. Memberwise its obviously yes. There is no question about that you can handle membership fine. I think all the pros are written already so theres no point of repeating them.

But then it comes back to you as a person. You are my friend and like i said im worried. You dont seem to know if you even want this. You felt so much better when you were just "free" and didnt have anything on your back that had anything to do with nd. You are doing this for yourself and regulars of assault, i understand that. You dont want do it to nD and you mostly care about assault. But like i said to you and you agreed also that if it was someone else (someone not so known) doing the same thing he maybe couldnt get it. Also i wonder if you are motivated enough to join other servers when there is problems.

I dont really know what to vote. Like i said that memberwise you are up for it of course. But when i think about you (yes yes he is a grown man who can make hes own decisions, but he is not even sure about this :o) im not so sure if you really want this and it would be the best for you.
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Re: *sigh*

Post by Waschera »

Quicksilver you have everything a member need and maybe what some members want. You have the experiance that you need to be a great member, both ingame experiance and life experiance. The fun team, mostly assualt need a few more members right. There is something wrong when the zombie members need to take care of the assualt server. Getting you as a member is like getting 3 fresh and new members in the team. There is no question that you now when and how you are going to react in different situations. As some already mentioned, giving you the permban tool is a good idea. You will now when to use it, there is no doubt about that. One thing that I also like about you is that you are not afraid now after you left as an admin, to say what you mean. I like that with you. Some membersand regulars are to afraid in what will happen if you they say something that they just let it be. The only advice that I can give if you find your self in a situation like that is to keep yourself calm and dont overreact. Say what you mean but not by attacking a person.

I can't find any Con's for you atm but if i do then i will let you now ;)

There is no doubt that you will do great as a member and i wish you the best of luck, if you need it ;)
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