[Accepted] Massive harres... Please ban him...

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[Accepted] Massive harres... Please ban him...

Post by Ghost Shooter »

Steam id: _0:1:16044298 -1029:34

Reason why: Alot of massive and big harrese not just small harres pretty much and bad... Really want this guy to get banned atleast a cooldown ban...
Was impossible to get him clam..... We took proof thogther... So some can be the same.

Proof: Ghost shooter´s http://imgur.com/a/Oyk9L#3
Six packer´s http://imgur.com/a/C6CHF#0

Remeber some is same.. Hope he just get a ban...
hello everyone
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Re: Massive harres... Please ban him...

Post by regit »

STEAM_0:1:16044298 - Wyindywidualizowany - Strike 1 + 120h ban
- Harassment

Thanks for the report.

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