[Accepted] [Angels in Hell] NC try - STEAM_0:0:25151727

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[Accepted] [Angels in Hell] NC try - STEAM_0:0:25151727

Post by Darte »

Nickname in-game : [Angels in Hell] A'Typisk try / [Angels in Hell] NC try (Same person)
STEAM ID : STEAM_0:0:25151727
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : I forgot to make the text in the first 2 pictures.

Facts noticed :
- Racism
- Harrasing
- Insulting
- In Danish

- Translations:

1) 20-11-2011 - He was harrasing a guy with another skincolor then himself.

"Fuck dig Tyrker du er så dum. Vil gerne møde dig irl så jeg kan flække hele ansigtet på dig"
Translation; "Fuck you Turks you are so stupid. Would like to meet you IRL so I can split all of your face"

"og smide dig hjem i en ligpose til dit land!"

Translation; "and throw you back home in a bodybag to your country!"

He also said alot on the voice ingame, which was even worse then what he wrote.

2) 25-11-2011 - He was harrasing a girl.

explanations: Istegade is a street with alot of prostitutes in Copenhage, Denmark. Dorit is a fat girl who committed suicide in a Danish animated film (Terkel in Trouble).

"nååårh den lille luder fra istegade tør ikke snakke med mig :i"
Translation; "Arrrrh the little whore from istegade don't wanna talk with me :i"

"Du er så lav at du bliver dobbelt så fed. Prøv at hæng dig fast i et træ og en bil"

Translation; "You are so low that you are twice as fat. Try to hang yourself, stuck in a tree and a car"

"Det kan være det hjælper dorit"

Translation; "It could be that it gonna help dorit"

"Det er fordi sådan en so som dig vil hellere gemme sig bag sin bærbar"

Translation; "It's because such a sow/bitch like you would rather hide behind her laptop"

"Siger du at du er tynd så er luderen fuld af lort"

Translation; "Are you saying that you are thin then the whore are full of shit"

B U R G E R Luder!!!

Translation; "B U R G E R Whore!!!"

"Du er så fed og klam og lugter af lort. ser man dig på gaden er det bare om at SPUUUURT!"

Translation; "You are so fat and clammy and smells like shit. Does I see you on the street is just about to SPRIIIINT(Run away in a hurry)!"

"siger bare hvad jeg syntes om fede kællinger din fede sooo"

Translation; "just saying what I think about fat bitches, you fat sow/bitch"

"Det er hende fede dorit der. der lugter af for meget"

Translation; "It's fat dorit there. there smells of too much"

He also said alot on the voice ingame this time.
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Re: [Angels in Hell] NC try - STEAM_0:0:25151727

Post by Shadi »

Just a notifcation: The translations aren't precise... but close... I suppose Pukata and East know that themselves though.
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Re: [Angels in Hell] NC try - STEAM_0:0:25151727

Post by Darte »

Yes, few of the words i couldn't find the right word for. But it means the same.
Fx. so = sow/bitch
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Re: [Angels in Hell] NC try - STEAM_0:0:25151727

Post by Mati »


Strike 2 + 14day ban.

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