Leaving nD Team!

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Kac Morderca
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Leaving nD Team!

Post by Kac Morderca »

The way you treat us neon showed us what kind of person you are. I am leaving nD team, I ll miss this place, but like it was 1 year ago, not like now, when you started to stick your nose too much in it.

Have fun with your adverts in your empty community. Bye
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by Spx. »

Oh fuck, I really am missing a hell load of crap since I was inactive, hope we'll still chat on steam sometimes Kac.

Good luck in life! ;)
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by ^skip^ »


yea what to say...
i know u for a rly long peroid of time ur a cool person stay like that ;)

let me know what u gonna do next in cs
If you are going to f*ck up anyway, you might as well f*ck up in such a way
that it leaves people wondering how in the f*ck did you do that!
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by Falastiny »

Goodbye kac.
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by Necro »

Cya Kac!
Didn't have much contact with you, but you seem as a nice person. That's why I wish you luck ;)
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by KoD »

loveyou kac
Eat the rude
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by k0u »

BaiBai Kac :cry: Ur an great person and fun to play with. Anyways enjoy your future life
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by xelef »

Sad to see you leave kac :)
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Re: Leaving nD Team!

Post by Burak--015 »

Good Bye Kac
Good luck irl mate
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