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Re: Suggest animes to watch

Post by Naruto_g »

i would suggest watching this anime named "Naruto" which you might have already heard of . the plot is awesome and the whole thing is just nice
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Re: Suggest animes to watch

Post by Sergio43 »

I personally prefer Dragon Ball since I think it has a better story and focus on all the characters but I'd say Dragon Ball Z has some better villains and fights. When you watch Dragon Ball you'll see almost every character plays an important part in the story and there's a journey they're on most of the time so you get to know all of them a lot more while DBZ focuses mainly on Goku so characters who were big parts of the original series get lost in the shuffle along the way. The original series does have some awesome fights like in the World Martial Arts Tournament or against guys like King Piccolo and his minions which relied more on martial arts with a mix of the more energy based style they use more in the later series.
The unique dragon ball anime collection aired from 1986 to 1989 with a complete of 153 episodes.
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Re: Suggest animes to watch

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