Need map created for bambi

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Need map created for bambi

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Message from Bambi :D

Hi guys! I'm planning to do a future event but I haven't set any datum yet. It will simply be called "The War Event" But also for this great event I'm doing I need someone that can create a map for me! If you have seen "The Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings" trilogy then you hopefully know mostly parts how I want the map to look like. If you haven't watched any of them you should start of with Hobbit. The map I want to be greated is one that looks like Erebor (The last movie in the Hobbit) - Battle of the five armies. It doesn't matter how long it takes for the person who wants to help me with this. It can take a week, a month or a half year. I just want the map to look really good! For the person who is creating a map that I likes will receive 100 euro and this is a promise. The Only thing you need to do for me: Create a map that looks like Erebor (close to it), it don't need to look perfect of course. With the fortress and outside. Hope this will work out.
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