Post your Happy Birthday Greetings here (only people from nD Community)
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Re: Mario

Post by Voropoulo »

Happy birthday habibi <3 i hope that I'll find u later in ts. Hope to have a nice day!
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Re: Mario

Post by Queen's Revenge »

Happy Birthday, Mario! :dance: Don't forget to bring cake and say hi to you sister!
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Re: Mario

Post by KING SNEL »

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Re: Mario

Post by Mario »

I'm really tired at the moment so I can't quote everybody and thank you all each but thank you all you guys for a happy birthday and for happy wishes!! :) :dance:
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Re: Mario

Post by Sloth »

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Re: Mario

Post by PoP^ »

happy birthday brate
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Re: Mario

Post by wodeen++ »

happy birthday
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Re: Mario

Post by voodoo »

Happy Birthday MARRRRIOO, and sorry for late !!!
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Re: Mario

Post by Wayne »

Waschera wrote:Happy Birthday :)
sorry for late

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