Post your Happy Birthday Greetings here (only people from nD Community)
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Post by Konijn »

Hello my little Piggie.

I would say I hope u have a great birthday but seeing as we're gonna be together for it, I will make sure that you have a great one >:).

Love you <3

P.S. I sleep in corner tonight muhahaha!!!111111
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Shadi »

Happy birthday cell :)!
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Re: .Cell.

Post by doeda »

Happy birthday Cell!!
Hope you have a good one and many more to come ;)
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Re: .Cell.

Post by bilkacem :3 »

HBD! :*
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Re: .Cell.

Post by el mano »

fuck i have no cash to give like promised ...........

happy birthday !!1 :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :character-bart: :character-ariel: :character-apu: :character-afro: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-rock: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-jumprope: :banana-dance: :banana-dreads: :banana-dance:
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Re: .Cell.

Post by QuErza! »

Happy Birthday .Cell. i hope you become better at commanding :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface:
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Edo ツ »

Happy birthday friend, i'm sure poo sea has something good planned out :)
If you're reading this, you still suck ;)
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Lucius »

Happy birthday Cell ;)
Yours sincerely, Lucius
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Re: .Cell.

Post by M.A »

Happy birthday Cell!
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Flath »

Happy birthday cell :mrgreen:

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Re: .Cell.

Post by Modz »

Happy birthday :dance:
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Re: .Cell.

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

Happy birthday Cell, and many more to come! Hope you have a great day! :)
big d energy
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Jokur »

Happy birthday :dance: :D . Have a great time :)
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Nick »

Happy Birthday Cell
Gotouda Aki
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Re: .Cell.

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Happy birthday ^^
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