[Accepted] Wont Hurt You - WallHack

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[Accepted] Wont Hurt You - WallHack

Post by Kanyuu »

Nickname in-game : Wont hurt you !!!
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:1:30744551
PROOF (Screenshot, record) :

Bundled, watch wonthurtyou1.dem first

Facts noticed :
Wall hacking
No way he can pre aim so good even with "footsteps" so he claims
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Re: Wont Hurt You - WallHack

Post by Blaze »

SULTAN then is this spamming???

Screenshot 1: http://s1111.photobucket.com/albums/h48 ... urtyou.jpg

Screenshot 2: http://s1111.photobucket.com/albums/h48 ... rtyou2.jpg

- Suck my penis (sug min kuk)
- Fag (bog... he means Bög)
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Re: Wont Hurt You - WallHack

Post by Xaturi »

The Ninja wrote:Srry if i spm now but ii was on the server for like 1 hour and he was using wallhack that time 2.
No, not Sorry! This IS spam!
So stop posting bullshit outside of the spam section!

Next time you will be handing your ass over to a forum ban.
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Re: Wont Hurt You - WallHack

Post by xReii^ »


Banned him this afternoon hope the demo is not mest up i missed typing in console and did the third demo and the second looks like its all in one...
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Re: Wont Hurt You - WallHack

Post by regit »

STEAM_0:1:30744551 - Wont hurt you !!! - Strike 3 + permanent ban
- Cheating (Wallhack)

Thanks for the report.

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