[Accepted] -=MARK=-

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[Accepted] -=MARK=-

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Name In-Game: -=MARK=-
Steam ID(Status in Console): STEAM_0:1:31976013
Proof: Printscreen
Including SteamID

Facts noticed:
* Using the nD* Team menu to change an map
Couldn't care less..
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Re: -=MARK=-

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Yes i did it, becuase was bored of new changes on Zombie server, when we can't votemap.

Thanks you swarley for report.

I am on strike 2 and that's my final strike3. This is my permanent ban, no way.

Thank's everyone for time playing NeonDragon Server, quet sure best JailBreak and Zombie server, aslo best commuinty.

I was 4 times VIP nD. Respect Alex Fox, admin & members group, have fun good luck and good bye!
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Re: -=MARK=-

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STEAM_0:1:31976013 - -=MARK=- - Strike 3 (1 +current 2 strikes)

- nDmenu abuse

Thanks for the report.

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