speedhacker on Zom,bie Plague (again)

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speedhacker on Zom,bie Plague (again)

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Speedhacker again on zombie Plague: "t_n_t.dz" 6633 VALVE_0:4:2120761416
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Re: speedhacker on Zom,bie Plague (again)

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Just to make things clear, there is no way for us to make a demo since he is in spec but i can confirm he is speedhacking if its relevant in any way and he is in respawn right now


Re: speedhacker on Zom,bie Plague (again)

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http://www.mediafire.com/download/avyhf ... l1/tnt.dem

i recorded this guy for a ban report minutes ago. but think twice,hes been in nD servers for weeks and despite the fact that hes been banned a number of times (once by my report) he keeps coming back after refreshing his ip + valveid -> i decided not to waste time on reporting him by myself again
i dont think there's a way to deal with this kid,and he loves hacking in nD servers =))
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Re: speedhacker on Zom,bie Plague (again)

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Accepted (because of Guest's post with actual proof and ID of screenshot, @original poster, please provide this info from now on)
VALVE_0:4:2120761416 - t_n_t.dz - Strike 3 + Permanent Ban
- Cheating (Speedhack)

Thanks for the report anyway, and thanks to Guest for providing proof.

As for the situation, I am aware but not much I can do other than allowed members to ban his name on sight.
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