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the fucking kid loko-malaguita never quits idiotic behaviour

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:59 pm
by Guest
name: loko-_-malaguita
steam-id: STEAM_0:0:15806262
server:zombie plague
Image ... 5/loko.dem ... /loko3.dem

these above are 2 demos on him and the screenshots when the demos were taken. M.A experienced this behaviour of loko-malaguita by his own eyes and warned the guy to never do it again. but look,he never stops his idiotic behaviours and keeps reconnecting when almost get infected by both normal method and especially zombie madness when he has unlimited clip, plus when almost get killed as zombie. i expected M.A to take action right when he experienced this from loko-malaguita but thats was the first time M.A saw it thus only a warn,but for us -the regular players- we take this idiot's retry behaviours every day every map every round
hereunder are some more of his like-wise behaviours and always makes jokes,provokes people after making them lose a zombie madness,and make them mad


Re: the fucking kid loko-malaguita never quits idiotic behaviour

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:25 am
by M.A
STEAM_0:0:15806262 - loko-_-malaguita - Strike 2 + 120h ban
- Abusing
Reconnecting so he wont get killed and so others lose their AP's numeros times. Refreshed his strike since it was given 2012.

Thank you for reporting!