[Accepted] mlf STEAM_0:0:547152587

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[Accepted] mlf STEAM_0:0:547152587

Post by mango2 »

Nickname in-game : mLf^|.H.|.E.|.L.|.M.|.O.|.S.|
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/57670 ... A674530D8/
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : http://www.mediafire.com/?5mvfh8w844nhbbi
Facts noticed : Wallhack.
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Re: mlf STEAM_0:0:547152587

Post by Punk^ »

Here's a few demos from my point of view (I was the guy getting killed):

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Re: mlf STEAM_0:0:547152587

Post by Aurelius »

Aditional proof,

STEAM ID "mLf^|.H.|.E.|.L.|.M.|.O.|.S.|" 1316 STEAM_0:0:547152587"

screenshot of it: Image

Proof: http://speedy.sh/nNwdr/mlf.rar

Conclusion: WH (?) aimbot or aimkey clearly visible.
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Re: mlf STEAM_0:0:547152587

Post by kami (GER] »

i can confirm that this guy got wh and aimbot (/key). aurelius spotted him on surf but as i went spec and was going to record him because he obviously got hacks without doubt, he left.
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Re: mlf STEAM_0:0:547152587

Post by uhu »


STEAM_0:0:547152587 - mLf^|.H.|.E.|.L.|.M.|.O.|.S.| - Strike 3 + Permanent ban
  • Wallhacking
Also type the steamID on the steamID field not just title. Thank you for reporting.

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