[Accepted] "Bsk" Ganja_man Advertising

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[Accepted] "Bsk" Ganja_man Advertising

Post by daka »

Well i was playing speedrun and i saw this guy advertising alot he did like 20-30 in just 1 minute, i asked him to stop after that i votekicked him, he came back and dangan connected to warn him then he also didn't quit te spam dangan Kicked him and after that he was still doing it.

so i decided to report this guy. (this are just 3 screens but i think its enough proof)

Name "Bsk" Ganja_man
Steam id: STEAM_0:1:17765283
reason : advertising/spamming


Greetzz aka ^^
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Re: "Bsk" Ganja_man Advertising

Post by Dangan »

I banned the guy for 4 hours, for advertising.

Additional proofs; http://imgur.com/a/QexFD#0
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Re: "Bsk" Ganja_man Advertising

Post by regit »

STEAM_0:1:17765283 - BsK*Ganja_man* - Strike 1 + 72h ban
- Advertising/Spamming

He apparently did it a lot and didn't stop after 2 kicks, so it's worth a ban. Thank you for the report.

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